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Should we book hotel ahead of trip

We are visiting France for the month of May, starting in Paris for 5 days and then a road trip for another 2 weeks plus to Versailles, Honfleur, Bayeux, Amboise, Sarlat, Arles, Avignon and points in between. The last week takes us through Lyon, Dijon, Reims etc and onwards to Paris. We have booked hotels for the first 3 weeks up to and including Avignon, but were thinking of not reserving any hotels for the last week, stopping when we want and looking for a place at that time. Any thoughts on that or are inviting trouble?

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We have traveled in France before without reservations and it can work. You just can't be picky about where you stay and you need to be prepared for it to eat up a bit of your day looking for a place. In some of the smaller places the tourist office will call around for you and book - this isn't always the case though. We have had both good and bad experiences doing's an adventure though! If you want to try, you should!