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Shorts in Paris?

My wife and I are making our first trip to Paris soon. We've heard conflicting reports about wearing shorts in Paris. Is it acceptable to wear shorts there during the day? How about at night?

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Personally I would not. You can, may do, but I prefer to dress a notch better than the common tourist. I do not want to stand out. If the pickpocket is surveying the crowd for his next mark I would him to think that maybe we are not an easy mark and go on to someone else. We think it has served us well for fifty years with never a problem. But always next trip.

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Where do these reports come from? I’ve only ever seen them as questions on travel fora.

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Absolutely! With that being said, remember you are in Paris and just like all other clothing, dress is more fashionable with the cut and the fabric mattering. I have around the house shorts, beach shorts, BBQ at a friends house shorts and what I would wear in my sleepy S. Cal beach town, I would never wear if we were going to downtown LA for the day. There is a you tube creator, A Walk in Paris, that films walking around Paris ( no commentary) and he has some up from this month that you can look at to see what people are wearing. Some will say, No one cares what you wear, but I always care what I wear. I would not wear shorts, because I like to Sit on benches, do not usually go back to the Hotel to change for dinner, and am not comfortable wearing them while traveling. My husband wore shorts when we were in France and Italy a few Summer's ago, it was so hot.

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Wear what you want. I have worn shorts in Paris and Milan and other fashion forward cities. I do not worry about being singled out as a tourist as there many more giveaways for pickpockets. You will standout because you are near tourist areas and likely speak English.

So enjoy your trip and do not stress over clothing. My wife, on the other hand rarely wears shorts, at home or when traveling.

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Form over fashion. Wear what is comfortable for you and let the fashionistas be damned. It is your vacation.

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I went to the theater in Madrid last week—99.9% Spaniards in the audience.

My Spanish friends teased me for wearing pants.

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20 years ago old women walked around in well kept old knit suits, it was rare to see an adult in jeans and women had a certain flair to their attire. Today -- most people are in jeans -- the majority of people you see on the metro in cooler weather will be in jeans -- and the rest will be in various sports attire. In summer, you see shorts and skirts.

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I’m in Paris right now — after a week in Nice - and many men are wearing shorts including the French. All the French men sitting near me on the TGV from Nice to Paris yesterday were wearing shorts - even the tres chic gentleman of a certain age traveling with his equally chic wife. What matters is the TYPE of shorts, your shirt and shoes. Chino style shorts longer length, with a collared shirt polo or button-down and boat shoes or sleek athletic shoes (converse for example) is the way most men are wearing shorts. Skip the athletic shorts, t-shirts and those ridiculous “zip off” pants that convert to shorts (bring actual pants instead).

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“20 years ago old women walked around in well kept old knit suits, it was rare to see an adult in jeans”

When i lived in Paris 47 yrs ago in 1975 skin tight jeans tucked into knee high boots was all the rage for Parisian women under 50.

You’ll see people in shorts all over Paris, as others have said.

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Wear those shorts. Shorts have been very common at least since the 1990s. You will blend right in when it's hot - as long as you avoid cargo shorts with tons of pockets. It's 100+ today and tomorrow, to give you an idea...