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Shopping in Paris

Where to go shopping for clothes and shoes, handbags in Paris? Not expensive but good prices, sales.

thank you

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Sales are regulated and occur twice a year; during those limited times, you can sometimes get real deals on regular merchandise but otherwise there really aren't sales. I like to buy kids clothes in Paris and there are a number of mid price range shops which in malls are usually positioned close together; you can also buy ridiculously expensive kids clothes. There are not many bargains on clothes for adults. There is a mall at Les Halles with many of the modestly priced shops. Paris is an expensive place to shop.

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I know very little about shopping for handbags, and I don't know what you might consider "not expensive" or "good prices," but sales in France are regulated by the government to reduce the incidence of fraud by merchants. Here is a summary website that might be useful (if you read French):

In short, the sales that merchants may hold are limited to:

  • Winter sales, in January and early February

  • Summer sales, in June and July

Each of these is limited to a period not to exceed five to six weeks. If you're in France during those periods, look for signs advertising "Soldes."

In addition, merchants may offer "déstockage" (clearance) sales limited to stock that will not be replaced (such as closing out a line of clothing or a model or style associated with a particular year) and private sales, but, as with the winter and summer sales, these are strictly regulated and may require you to sign up for une carte de fidélité (loyalty card), which is no big deal because such cards almost always are offered at no cost at the point of sale. If you don't read or write French, filling the application form out may be a challenge, with impatient folks behind you in line, but if one's thirst for discounts is profound enough, I suppose that would be no matter.

Some large (and generally expensive) department stores are Printemps, Galeries Lafayette, and BHV Marais. I'm sure there are others and some of the locals from Paris who post responses to this forum may chime in with their input as well.

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I like shopping while on vacation; but each time I go to Paris, I buy nothing.
The prices for clothes, shoes, etc. are eye-watering.
Italy, on the other hand.........

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There are "consignment" shops, called "Fripperies" in French, which might be worth looking into, especially for handbags. Google for locations.

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Besides the big department stores, there are malls at Beaugrenelle, Gare Saint-Lazare/rue du Havre, Place d'Italie and Montparnasse
that market cheaper, fashionable brands. However with globalization many of those brands like Zara, Mango, Camaieu, H and M are now sold in the US. Much of Paris shopping is still done in boutiques along and around shopping streets such as Rue de Rennes, Avenue de Gobelins, Rue de Sevres and many many others. And don't forget to check out the lowly Monoprix.

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Thanks to all of you. I read about Lafayette, but I wasn't sure if it was too expensive or worth going.

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Hi veru9, Galeries Lafayette is amazing. You really need to stop by the store on Boulevard Haussmann, beautiful art nouveau architecture. There is a wide variety of clothing, cosmetics, food, and a very nice souvenir section. Go to the roof top for a great (free) view.

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We were there this past summer during " les soldes d'été" and the clothes are gorgeous but the prices ( In Euros no less) were crazy! That is unless you shop at Zara, H&M etc which is then just like shopping here...
Not sure what handbag brand you are looking for...

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I wouldn’t call them “stores” but there are a number of vendors at the marches. I bought some lovely linen dresses at the Bastille Marche last May. And there were vendors on Rue Mouffetard selling leather purses and wallets.
Happy shopping!

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as someone said above, go to Galeries Lafayette for the sheer scale and the wonder of the many-story glass cupola!! And also for going out on the roof behind the Opera to look out on the city. And yes to take a look at some of the wares if that interests you. All the brands under one roof! (Be ready for it to be mobbed, though, and do go during a week day rather than on Saturday!!!)

Another word to look for in regard to quality used clothing (designers, etc.) is Depot-Vente, which is consignment with fancy stuff. (A Depot-Vente is the kind of store, not the name of any particular store - like "Friperie" mentioned above.)