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shampoo in hotels?

I'm leaving for the Eastern France trip this week and trying to pack as light as possible. I have unsuccessfully been trying to find this answer - do the hotels on the RS tour in this area offer shampoo in the rooms so I don't have to pack any? Thanks!

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Can't say for sure about France as have not been there in four years but we just did two weeks in Scotland and three in England and every hotel.had wall mounted shampoo.conditioning and liquid hand soap. Would assumd France the same.

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If you already know all the hotels, you can email them and ask. Another option is to buy shampoo when you arrive.

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While I've not done this tour, all the hotels I've ever stayed in in France have had shampoo and usually shower gel (as opposed to bar soap). They do not always have conditioner or sometimes they have a shampoo/conditioner combo. Sometimes these are in dispensers in the shower, sometimes they are the small bottles. To me they are getting away from the small bottles and going toward the bulk containers.

Unless you have a particular sensitivity to shampoos, I'd count on them being available. In France there are pharmacies on every street where you can get shampoo as well as grocery stores that will carry it too.

My last travel to France was in April 2023 and I've done trips twice a year since Covid started going down in Oct 2021.

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I have never found a hotel that did not have shampoo in it; even small B&Bs. You could bring a small travel size container if you're worried about it, but I wouldn't.

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I find shampoo/conditioner hit or miss in many European hotels (even 4 star ones). They may advertise they provide toiletries but the rooms are not always stocked equally. I do find conditioner less often. I always carry some with me in case they do not provide what I need. Many hotels are moving towards the wall mounted products as mentioned but conditioner is not always an option and hair wash/body wash is sometimes the same. We always carry bar soap as well as we prefer that to body wash. For example we stayed in a hotel that RS uses in Croatia. Very nice hotel but only shower gel was provided even though they advertise high end toiletries.

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Conditioner is rare, but I've never not had at least a combination shower gel-shampoo provided in a hotel room in France, even in simple 2* hotels.
This said, if you have a shampoo you like, 3 ounces won't make your luggage go overweight...

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Europe has become considerably more environmentally conscious, and a very big part of that is the concern for plastic which winds up as microplastics in the water and especially single use plastics which often don't get recycled. Little single use plastic shampoo bottles fall into that category.

Also, of course, bulk dispensers are cheaper and easier for staff, and staff are light on the ground at the moment.

I've never seen a European hotel in the last 40 years which didn't provide soap or body wash and often shampoo and sometimes conditioner. I have recently seen 500 ml bottles on stands in the showers rather than push button dispensers in some places.

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We did that tour last May and every single hotel had shampoo, either in tiny bottles or in dispensers. As others have said, there is not always conditioner.

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We take bar it at our local Aveda Hair Salon. It is wonderful! Unfortunately they haven't one for conditioner. ( I did buy a conditioner bar at a store in Amsterdam though)
I am sure there are other brands that you could find on Amazon.

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Any place calling itself a hotel has shampoo. I don't always remember upon arrival to verify presence of all the expected toiletries, and I don't want to discover an inconvenient omission just before I need to use something, so I travel with a one-ounce bottle of shampoo (that's five washings for me) and a tiny bar of soap. They are very rarely needed.

I agree that you cannot count on conditioner. I now see it in way less than half my budget-level hotels. My current (quite decent) hotel in Turkiye has "conditioner", but I don't know what's in it. It does zilch to reduce tangles, so it's worthless to me. I travel with solid conditioner--one ounce per month for my chin-length hair that gets washed every day.

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Every hotel I’ve been to the past few years has had soap (body wash or gel) and shampoo. The better ones have had conditioner. Most have gone to dispensers rather than the small individual containers.

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More and more hotels provide those awful one product for everything shower/gel shampoos in a unit welded to the wall. Sometimes you get a skimpy plastic packet of shampoo. Nicer hotels will often have shampoo and conditioner . But we have never stayed in a hotel in France that doesn't have some sort of shampoo available.