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Sewers in Paris?

Anyone been? Worth seeing?



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I have been and thought it was very interesting, offbeat for sure, a great bit of history on the city though. The smell was not terrible, not overpowering, imho.

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yes - I would recommend. We went last May and really enjoyed it

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I would not recommend it, unless you are very interested in a bunch of plumbing facts. But no one could have dissuaded me before I went.

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They may have been affected by the recent flooding. I'd check first....

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Nigel makes a good point. I really enjoyed our visit. Improvements in sanitation are so important to our quality of life and something I know very little about. My kids enjoyed it and was certainly memorable.

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I've tried to go there twice and messed up on the open days/hours. Check before you go as they are somewhat limited. It's a little hard to find...look for a tiny rotunda-looking thing right next to the river. The signage is small.

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I was lucky to be in Paris for a week with my parents in 2007. Having the time and a Museum Pass, we scheduled it in with a visit to the nearby Quai Branly Museum. We all found it very interesting and well worth it ... and no smell at all, but that may be different after the flooding.

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Valerie makes good points. The museum is closed Thursday and Friday, a far-from-typical schedule for Paris attractions. The recent high water may add some interest, since the original design envisioned the sewers overflowing into the Seine after heavy rains, then considered an efficient solution.

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I did it years ago and thought it was interesting. I'd been to Paris several times and had seen most of the sights, so I was looking for a few sights/experiences that were a little farther from the beaten path. I also went to the netsuki museum.

Worth seeing? Depends on your interests and what you might do instead.