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Seine Cruise that passes Statue of Liberty replica

I am planning a Seine river boat cruise with my 10-yr-old Granddaughter. Is there a company that goes past the replica of the Statue of Liberty. None of the companies that I checked lists it.


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I vaguely remember seeing it. All the big tour boat companies will go past it. Also check out the replica of the torch on the north side of the Point D'Alma. It now serves as a memorial of momentos left there for Princess Diana, who was killed on the highway beneath it.

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I don't think the daytime cruises go that far - I know Vedettes de Pont Neuf don't. The only time I've been on a cruise that went that far was on Le Calife dinner cruise, which was great. You might check some of the other companies that offer night time cruises with or without dinner.

PS - It is 1/4 scale of the one in NYC, but I have to admit it was pretty neat to see it all lit up with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

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Are you aware that the replica is very small, not full size?

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Unless I'm mistaken, it is on the Isle of Swans. We've taken several cruises with different companies and none of the went that far beyond the Eifel Tower. If you go to and enter Isle of Swans Paris, you will see that it is located not far from the Eifel Tower. You may, depending on the little one, be able to walk there from the tower.

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When I took the Bateaux-Mouches at night (not a dinner cruise - just the regular sightseeing one), it went to the Statue of Liberty replica. However, that was in 1988 - I have no idea of their current route. The Vedettes de Pont-Neuf did not go that far, either in 1988 or after (I forget when I took it again).

I agree that the replica is pretty small and unimpressive, but I understand a 10 year old may find it more interesting than I did (I was an "elderly" 25 at the time).

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There was a fatal accident some years ago with a sightseeing boat and smaller private craft. I believe that it occurred near the Ile aux Cygnes and subsequently the cruise boats no longer travel that far down the Seine.

There is also the Statue of Liberty in the Jardin du Luxembourg which might be a lot easier to reach.

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I don't believe that the cruise boats go past the "little Statue of Liberty".
But you can walk to it.

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All about the Statue of Liberty in France and elsewhere, courtesy of Wikipedia:

The example that is closest linked to the New York version is the plaster maquette in the Musee des arts et métiers since it was used in the fabrication (a maquette is a scale model). As trivia players may know, the metal skeleton of the lady was the product of Gustave Eiffel and is his only work in North America.

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Thank you to all who have responded. We took the cruise in 2008 and as one person noted, it is interesting to see the replica with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

The replies confirm what I suspected -- the cruise no longer goes past the replica during the day. But your replies have provided many options to consider.


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My impression was that all the cruise boats cover the same route in the same circle. They just have different starting/ending points. If one boat doesn't go there, I'd bet none of them do.

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Batobus goes past the Isle of Swans and makes a stop at Beaugrenelle on the left bank. The statue appears to be right at the tip of the island. Google map Isle of Swans and you should be able to see everything.