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Security deposits for Paris rentals

We are considering a trip to Paris for 15 nights in May. Some of the rental companies want a security deposit as much as $1000 to $2000 for this time period. Last year in London for the same time period security deposits were approximately $500. Are the amounts being asked excessive or the norm for Paris?

Also any recommendations for reliable rental companies for Paris apartments?


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11450 posts ,, that is not a Paris thing.. its a who ever you are renting from thing.. Who are you renting from,, which agency or is it VRBO ?

I am returning to an apartment I have rented before, the security deposit was a post dated cheque in my ( Canadian ) funds for 300 dollars for one week.


I would not even consider a 2000 dollar deposit.

PS Do you mean damage deposit or a pre payment.. I know some place will ask for payment up front for rentals less then 2 months off ..

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Sorry didn't note second part of your request.. yes. .I consider Parisbestlodge to be extremely reliable.. I have been on the forums for at least ten years now, this forum ,, Fodars, etc.. and I have never heard a bad thing about them. I used them after always getting hotel rooms( I still prefer hotels for shorter stays.. I like maid making my bed and changing my towels daily, lol ) .. after reading so many glowing reviews. They are not luxury apartments, but clean, EXACTLY as pictured and well eqquiped and kept..
I met the owner and he showed me two other apartments while we were there ( in between rentals in the same building as ours) and we also befriended a lady renting one of his other apartments and she let us view her rooms.
The deposit is civilized.
Thierry ( who manages the business and owns some of the apartments) speaks and writes perfect english and is a lovely man.

However.. downside.. is at this point his apartments may be snapped up,, many book year after year by folks who know. We couldn't get the apartment we had last time so he suggested another unit this year.. it looks lovely. Small, but lovely !

good luck.