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Safety in Paris with yellow vests

We are arriving on Easter. Any suggestions? English speaking Websites in Paris? Thank you.

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Here are some things to keep in mind...

  • A demonstration is not a riot.
  • Demonstrations are sign of a functioning democracy, a way for citizens to let off some steam and make their views known.
  • Demonstrations happen every day, all around the world, and probably in a city or town near where you live.
  • Demonstrations are nothing to be afraid of.
  • Demonstrators do not seek out innocent bystanders (least of all, tourists) and do not drag non-participants into their centers and assault them.
  • Demonstrations are very, very obvious even at a great distance, and are immediately recognizable by anyone. In fact, it's worth remembering that's the entire point of a demonstration - to get attention, be highly visible, and be impossible to miss.
  • If you notice a disturbance, and you would rather not be part of it, nor even stand on the sidelines and observe, all you need to do is calmly walk away in any direction other than straight into its center.
  • Nobody is ever going to inadvertently find themselves in the middle of a demonstration, unless they make an effort to insert themselves into it.
  • Demonstrators are not interested in you, at all. If you are not interested in the demonstration, and you go on your merry way, your encounter is over.
  • Demonstrations MAY interfere with traffic or public transit (either intentionally, or as a side effect of security personnel responding).
  • Some offices, shops and attractions MAY shut their doors (and in extreme cases, board up windows) if a major demonstration is expected, so it is possible that a demonstration could inconvenience you slightly, but these steps are typically limited to specific locations and short durations.
  • There is no reason to worry, no reason to fear for your safety, no reason to cancel your trip, no reason to freak out.
  • Apply just a tiny bit of common sense and all will be safe, you and your travel companions will have a wonderful time, and you probably won't even notice any demonstrations going on, unless you make a point of seeking them out.
  • Relax and enjoy your trip.
  • Really.
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Unless you plan on joining in on the protesting you have nothing to worry about! As noted above a protest wont sneak up on you.
Have a great trip and erase this concern from your mind!

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As for English-language websites:

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How many days will you be in Paris? The demonstrations are only on Saturdays so arriving on Sunday you’ll miss the one on April 20.

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The demonstrations I have seen in Germany and in Paris are easy to avoid if you literally bump into one, easy to duck out into a side street or somewhere that gets you away form the action.

Was I ever a bystander, like others standing there, witnessing the chanting and "madding crowd" go by? Yes, I stood there and watch from a distance but close enough to be able to read their signs, banners, etc.

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I've known two people who just got back from Paris and lived to tell:) If you see a large group of people, keep away. Otherwise, enjoy the city.

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Just returned - 2 days ago.
Very safe. Just avoid Champs area on Saturday or Sunday.
Register with the state department before you go. You’ll receive updates or warnings from them.
I wouldn’t hesitate or cancel anything.
I consider America far more dangerous than Europe.
We are the mass shootings country - not France.

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I’m in Paris now. The only impact the demonstration on Saturday the 30 had on my day was 5 minutes at breakfast looking at the RATP app (transport company download before you leave home) to see what Metro stations were closed. While there were a number none were where I planned to be.

I headed to the Cluny Museum, saw the Church of Saint Sulpice, Church of Saint-Germain-des-Pres, swung by the Museum of Eugene Delacroix since I had the museum pass, then stopped in at the Rodin Museum on the way home. Not a yellow vest in sight.

The day was beautiful weather and people were out everywhere enjoying the sunshine!