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Safe & Convenient Hotels in Paris

Hello All,

I came across this community and was very impressed with the helpful information provided by the group.
Signed up immediately and decided to post.

We are doing an all girls trip to Paris in early May (for 4 nights).
While the visit will involve trips to the many attractions Paris has to offer, coupled with good eating places & clubs, Opera & local shopping

With so many options available for stay the most difficult part was to zero in on an area to stay (which arrisondement ?) which was close to a metro so that its convenient for visiting the attractions as well as safety in terms of moving around late evenings (not too late in the night, i am hoping) or to-and-fro from the Metros and back to the hotel
I read that staying very close to the metro is most important

I was looking at some help in getting suggestions to find a good budget hotel (say between $90-$120 a night - plus/minus a few), possibly a 3-star / 4-star with Breakfast

Would the group have any specific recommendations.
The shortlisted ones are:
1. Holiday Inn Paris Elysees
2. Holiday Inn Paris Gare du Lyon Bastille
3. Hotel Saint Germain
4. Novotel Paris Center Bercy

Any other recommendations would also be welcome....
Many thanks you in advance.

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How many people? You say 90-120 USD which is pretty low. I have my favorite go-to hotel in Paris, and everyone else will have theirs, too. I prefer the Latin Quarter just up the hill from Notre Dame and just below the Pantheon and a stone's throw from the Sorbonne.

Hotel Latin Excelsior has some family suites available that would probably suite your group. Breakfast is not included, but well worth the cost as they bake their own fresh hot croissants right in their own kitchen.

A lower cost option would be the Hotel du College de France which is another great hotel. Both are equally close to metros to zip around the city.

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I should think that you would need to add more than plus a few to your budget of 72€ to 96€ (converted from US dollars) for any 4 star hotel in Paris unless you mean per person with double occupancy. Even a 3 star would be challenging. If you mean 150€ to 200€ per night for a double room then you are in the area I might consider comfortable with a large selection of excellent hotels.

Of those on your list, only the Hotel St Germain has the location and relative charm lacking in your other selections which are rather banal, corporate hotel chains,

There are very few places in Paris which are not close to a métro station and those few areas are served by any number of bus lines.

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Hi Tim & Tocard,

Thank you for the quick responses

My apologies - Yes I meant between $90 (72 EUR) - $120 (96 EUR) per per per night on double occupancy.
We are about 12 of us right now who have confirmed ...


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I know of two hotels that would fit your price range. Neither is charming and one is quirky. Both are at Place de la Nation and are acceptable if you don't want 4 star amenities (not available anywhere for $90). Metro and bus lines are close by and you can get to Pl. Nation from CDG on a bus for about 5 euro.

Prestige Camelia, rue Philippe-Auguste
Campanile Nation, rue Rendezvous

EDIT I just checked and the Campanile is now a Kyriad.

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We used Etoile Saint Honore, near the Arch and couple blocks south of Champs Elysees - and next to a police station. Great hotel with breakfast and afternoon tea. Also, the hotel belongs to an association (? not sure what to call it) of other similar hotels in Paris. They will give a list of those hotel along with the business card for the hotel and you can used any of the those hotels for a bathroom stop just by showing the hotel's business card. Very handy and convenient. Check Travel Zoo. We got a terrific deal for this hotel.

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The Novotel Bercy is in a newly built, stark, inconvenient area, though there’s a park. It wouldn’t make my short list.

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“- $120 (96 EUR) per per per night“

Do you mean per person??
$240 per night for a room w 2 twin beds is quite decent for Paris. Try or and look in the 1st-6th arrondissement (my favorites are 4-6). They have filters to narrow your search. Read reviews. Book directly w hotel.

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I would look in the Marais and the area around Chatelet Des Halles. It sounds to me that what you want is a good 2 or 3 star place in Paris.

Check out sites like booking .com and when you find a likely suspect go DIRECTLY to the hotel website and contact them. They will appreciate this as they don't have to pay the commission.

For a great budget choice try the Hotel Tinquetonne It's a typically small and old style Paris budget hotel near everything. Here is the link:

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I have a lot of questions because I am a touch confused by your request.
When you say with breakfast, are you saying you want the room rate to include breakfast or that you want a place that offers breakfast for sale to guests? I would not eliminate a hotel because breakfast is not included in the price of the room. That is not super common in Paris and cafes where you can grab a nice breakfast are everywhere.
Are you planning this trip for May 2018? If so, you need to hop to it and get this pinned down because it sounds like you may need multiple rooms and if you want them all in one property, that could be a challenge.
Is your rate per person per night or per room? Are you looking for singles, a bunch of doubles, quads and doubles, etc.? If your budget is per person.
In connection with the hotels you list, I would remove the Novotel Paris Bercy and the Holiday Inn near Gare de Lyon from consideration based on location, hotel style, etc. If you are willing to stay at the Holiday Inn Paris Elysees, you may want to take a look at the hotels in Astotel hotel chain, especially the Hotel Augustin which should be in your budget assuming you mean per person per night.

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I'd suggest the chains Adagio or Citadines. Both have convenient transportation.
Do you mean the Opera Garnier or the Opera Bastille?

You can get a decent breakfast at any corner cafe - omelettes, eggs and so forth, for about 8 EU.
I wouldn't pay for a buffet breakfast.

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Chexbres, could you explain about the Adagio and Citadines chains? Are they hotels, or all apart'hotels, or do they market other hotels under their brand? I'm finding the websites that come up as I look for information to be a bit overwhelming. Like the OP, I'm also looking for a no-frills accommodation, in September: clean, safe, and relatively inexpensive (for Paris). Thanks!

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I'll answer in case Chexbres misses this. Did you google Citadines and Adagio? Both are aparthotels with several locations in Paris. Generally, Adagio is at a lower price point that Citadines. Adagio is part of the Accor Hotel group. Citadines is part of Ascott Limited. Both offer serviced "apartments" where you will have a small kitchen, a sitting area and you get some sort of hotel service like your beds made or your linens changed etc. maybe not every day but usually at some point in your stay. They also have staffed front desks where you can get some help. If you join Accors loyalty program, you usually save 10% on your reservations. The buildings are usually pretty modern. Though I have stayed in a number of Accor properties, I have not stayed in an Adagio but I have heard good things about Adagio Paris Opera. The Citadines near Bastille is a good choice and one I recommend often to people looking for aparthotels.

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If you are going to book at an Adagio apart'hotel, you'll have a kitchen, and numerous arrangements for sleeping.

How many of you are going?

On the other hand, the Citadines at Richard Lenoir has air-conditioning...and a kitchen, and numerous arrangements for sleeping.

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Hi, Our group of 6 stayed at the hotel Joan of arch in the Marais. With a stay of 3 nights breakfast was included and it was very close to the St, Paul metro stop. We loved the hotel and staff was very helpful it also had an elevator. Ask for a room that faces the street, some windows opened to an enclosed area with poor ventilation. Also the hotel is next to St. Catherine courtyard with lots of cafés and shade trees with benches. Great for unwinding and swapping stories of the days adventures with a glass of wine. Good luck and enjoy.

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A couple of suggestions about doing your own research:

The big on-line booking services, such as and, use maps to show many hotel choices in specific areas. Enter a place such as the Bastille and the map will bring up neighbourhood hotels connected to the service. You can research each address in turn.

Google Maps has a similar service (and in fact supplies maps for some of the hotel bookers.) Pick out a location, pull down the menu called Nearby, and it will show hotels that are, as it says, nearby. Usually it supplies links, although their presence on the menu offers no comment on quality.

This may arouse some argument, but I often have found on-line booking services selling rooms cheaper than the hotel's own page offers. Conversely, sometimes a service will say the hotel is full for the date when other sites or the hotel itself still have room.

As a rule of thumb, move away from the central ring of arrondissements to find lower prices. A more important factor than arrondissement is access to the Metro. A hotel near a subway station which serves more than one line will speed up your choice of travel under the city streets, even if it is in a less well-known district. As well, choosing a busy central area such as Chatelet - Les Halles may invite lots of street noise in the evening.

From the examples offered in the original post, I suggest that if you check the Accor hotel chain, Europe's biggest with a number of brands, some comparable to Holiday Inn. Here are 230 locations in the Paris region:

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Hi All,

Thank you all for your recommendations.

Had to suddenly leave for a work trip and was swamped and therefore could not update earlier.
My gfs finalized Holiday Inn Paris Elysees and booked me in too. Hope the've made a good choice.

Thanks once again for all your help.