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Sad about cancellation but good United experience

My husband and I had reservations for Paris and the Heart of France in Oct and were very excited about the trip. Although we have visited Europe several times, this would have been our first RS tour and would have been a celebration of a significant birthday and retirements. We were hoping things would change and somehow the tours would be able to continue, but recognize the care and concern the company has shown to its customers. I was dreading trying to cancel the flight reservations with United, because I wanted the charges credited back to the credit card rather than receiving a United credit or travel certificate. I read several postings in the Forum and saw people had different experiences with different airlines. United people are usually helpful, but their policies can be pretty stiff. We had a 9 minute phone call, including wait times, had the various options explained, and should be having full credit charged back to our card within 2 weeks. I had been all tense and sweaty over this and it , at least so far, was smooth. So, props to United.
We also cannot say enough about how impressed we have been with Rick Steves and greatly look forward to happy, safe travels in the future with them.

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Roxane, that’s great that you had a positive outcome with United and the Rick Steves tours, despite not being able to do the trip right now. We were supposed to have arrived in Edinburgh today, and would’ve likely been finishing up dinner right now, had the Pandemic not changed things so dramatically. We had other flights within Europe coming up, plus an overnight ferry from Denmark to Norway as well. It looked like many of those wouldn’t be refunded, but just in the past week, both the flights and the ferry are crediting is after all. Our lodging, too. So we’ll be using all of them when we can resume this trip, whenever that is.

Thank you for sharing your experience, and giving props where they are definitely due. When you work with the right people and organizations, you get a better outcome. When things go badly, the right people and organizations are even more important.

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Just a word of advice-we had the same experience with UA but the funds did not appear on our credit card. When I called back the customer service agent could not find that my refund request had been submitted. UA, like all airlines, is going through a tumultuous time. But, this is your money, so call back f it does not show up. As for RSE, you dealt with a class act of a company and I feel sad that you missed this tour. We also had our Best of Tuscany tour canceled. We’ve done many RS tours and when this horror passes do re-book. You won’t regret it.

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Funny how that works, the mistake always seems to be in their favor. The mistake always requires you to follow up.

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Waiting for refunds from Iceland Air but they did send apologies that it is taking so long.