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Running while on Heart of France Tour?

My wife and I will be doing the Heart of France Tour soon. Based on the locations of the hotels where we will be staying during this trip, is it feasible to go for an early morning run at any of the locations?

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Have you used Google maps street view?

Can easily see if the neighborhood where the accommodations are located would be conducive for early morning running.

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I don’t have your hotel list so a little hard to comment specifically. I took this tour in 2018.

Paris- hotel was in Montmarte and an urban early morning run might be possible. I always think the hotel front desk is the best source of info.
Going around France- while all hotels were in small cities except Mont St Michel, I think an early am run could have been possible at all of them. One had a river path nearby.

If in doubt or wondering about routes, check with the hotel front desks. They probably have suggested routes.

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I don't know the itinerary or where you are staying. But when we were at the Jardin du Luxembourg a few weeks ago, we noticed lots of people running there in the evening. Great location for it. Most people seemed to use the outside perimeter, just inside the fencing, as a track of sorts. But others were criss-crossing through the rest of the park as well.

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Follow up on my original post.
My wife and recently returned from the Heart of France Tour. I asked at the front desk of each hotel for suggestions on where to run and had no trouble running on local roads or in parks. I ran in Montmarte, Bourges, Amboise, Bayeaux and from the final hotel (Hotel Waldorf Tocadero) in Paris. The Arc de Triumph, Seine River and the Eiffel Tower were within a few miles of both hotels in Paris. Since the tour schedule starts by 8:00 or 9:00 each day, it took some initiative to get up early enough to run, eat breakfast and hand wash running clothes before the day began. I ran 4-5 miles each time.

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Glad you found the time & locations to run. One thing I enjoy when in Paris is getting up early, grabbing a croissant or two, ok always two, and some orange juice and standing on a bridge overlooking the Seine. From here I can watch the city come to life and view the runners & cyclists down below along the Seine. Damn, I miss Paris.