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Rue Cler Hotel (Relais Bosquet) or Palais Royal Apartment?

Hi all, we are a family of 4 (parents & teenage girls 18 & 12). We will be in France for 8 nights for the first time. Our first night will be at the Hotel Tourville Eiffel by the Ecole Militaire metro station, close to Rue Cler and the ET. We will have 1-1/2 days to explore this area.

We are then doing a short trip outside of Paris, then return to Paris for 5 nights.

I thought it might be nice to switch locations to get a feel for a different area of Paris, and also to have an apartment with laundry, kitchen, and a common private living area. I found an available 2 BR, 2 BA in Palais Royal by the Louvre. Otherwise, I have a cancel-able reservation for 2 separate (non-adjoining) Superior rooms at RS recommended Hotel Relais Bosquet, very near the first hotel adjacent to Rue Cler. The drawback of the hotel is no shared common private space, just 2 rooms, and no laundry (I'd like laundry) nor kitchen (I'd like the convenience of being able to do coffee, snacks and maybe an easy dinner.) Both are similar pricing.
It seems like the Rue Cler area is more interesting and recommended by RS, but the Palais Royal is closer to other areas we want to explore during the second part of our trip. Reviews of Palais Royal say there's markets & take-away & restaurants nearby. Just not sure how much of a neighborhood this is for getting a feel of Paris vs touristy area.
Looking for opinions. Thanks!

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It seems like the Rue Cler area is more interesting and recommended by

Yes, it often does seem that way, but I find rue Cler relatively isolated yet full of American tourists. The area around Palais Royal could not be more central and is but a short walk to many of the most popular destinations in the city. It also has plenty of great restaurants nearby.

If you are looking for a feel of Paris, consider hotels in the outer arrondissements such as in the 14th or 15th.

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I agree with Tocard in the evaluation of the relative merits of rue Cler vs. Palais Royal.

What platform have you found the Palais Royal apartment on? Please note that there are several restrictions on an owner’s ability to rent out their apartment for holiday lets, so you should check that the apartment has the required registration number.

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I find Palais Royal is much better than rue Cler in terms of location and ambience. But heed the above comment about authorized rentals.

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Rue Cler is not conveniently located and a perfectly ordinary market street of which there are many in Paris; this one though will be populated by American tourists. We stayed there years ago and it was not a place we wanted to return.

I'd want to be more central -- would probably look for an apartment in the Marais or Latin Quarter myself, both of which I have done over the years.

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Thank you for all of your quick and informative replies. I cancelled the hotel for Rue Cler and booked the apartment at Palais Royal. I had looked at other areas, but was most comfortable with this area - walking distance, access to metro, etc. We plan to explore some of the other arr. while there, so hopefully will find an area to stay for our next trip. (Fingers crossed that we get to come back!)

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Rue Cler is a tourist trap. Avoid it.
I live in California but spent 20 plus years in Paris.