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RS 7 day Paris tour booked for may 2016 - yay!!!

Does anyone know when we are given the metro and museum pass that are included with this tour? I was hoping it was available the morning of. So much to see and it's great to have these included.

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When I went on this tour a few years ago, these items were given to us by the tour guide at the first meeting. I don't think they will be available to you before then.

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Meet-up/Dinner the first night. Be sure to take a small picture for the Metro pass. I didn't see that on the tour information so I got the hotel to make a copy of my passport picture which worked fine. It just needs to be cut down a little but your guide will have templates and scissors.

Were you planning to go to a Museum covered by the pass the day of the meet-up?

The Metro pass is not good until Monday so if your tour starts Sunday it would not be good that day anyway. I do see there are a couple of May tours that start on Monday.

This is a fun tour! I really, really increased my comfort level in Paris with this week. Unfortunately, now I can't stay away, lol!

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The metro tickets are cheap - just buy a couple of single tickets ~1.50 Euro ea.

You might want to go see the Opera building which is gorgeous inside. It isn't covered in the Museum Pass. Eiffel Tower, Luxembourg Garden & Champ E'lysee are just a few ideas that are outdoors and you could do anytime.

We received the pass in the evening when first meeting up with the Tour Guide & group.

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Congrats, this is an excellent tour. Other responders are right, you get the passes when you first meet. It is very easy to purchase single Metro passes or a carnet of 10. I usually buy the carnet if I do not travel starting early in the week.

The tour gave me a great orientation to Paris and I have returned many times on my own since then.

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I think we got our week pass the first morning of the trip. He collected our pictures and we got the plastic holder for it the next morning and off we went to learn how to use it. Remember it is a 7-day pass so if you are staying an extra day in Paris, the museum and metro pass are still good.