Rick's chartre cathedral self guided tour.

For the life of me I can't find it on his app or website. Can anyone direct me? (I am in Paris now)

Posted by Harold
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I'm not seeing it on the website either; it may only be in his books.

Posted by Christi
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I looked as well - did not see it here nor in the app. Maybe in a Kindle video? Otherwise take the book or Malcolm Miller tour at either noon or 2:45 - no reservations needed.

Posted by Dave
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I was just reading up on that yesterday, we will go there in September. As Christie said you can just show up, my 2013 book shows 10 euro tour price, includes headphone so you can hear Malcolm easily, and RS says tour with Malcolm Miller is about 75 minutes. If you wish to walk the labyrinth-on Fridays, generally speaking, the chairs are out of the way but it's not always the case.
The RS suggestion was to arrive early and walk through on your own, then take the MM tour.

I've got the book here if you have more questions.

Posted by janettravels44
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Malcolm Miller really doesn't give a tour; it is a lecture on the stained glass -- well worth the price of admission but doesn't take the place of a tour ap. It is a church easily toured individually after reading up a bit, but the lectures are priceless.

Posted by Sherry
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I agree with the earlier comment about the MM tour – it's not really a tour of the cathedral. Plan on doing that on your own. I have a particular affinity for religious art and the gothic cathedrals, and I really enjoy stained glass, but I found the MM tour to be unsatisfying. I usually love that type of specialist tour, but thinking back on it, I don't remember learning anything new or finding him to be particularly responsive to questions. Maybe it was an off day... but it seemed to me that tour would be best for someone with little understanding of religious stained glass or bible stories. I plan to return to Chartres next year and hope to take the tour with Context Paris.

Posted by Dave
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Thanks Jane and Sherry, great to know. We will certainly plan on doing our own walking tour.

Posted by Laura
Rick Steves' Europe
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That "self-guided tour" Chartres Cathedral info is two pages long in Rick's France book or more wordy in the Paris book. Here's another description of MM's talk: "On most days, Malcolm sits down with curious travelers on pews in front of his stained-glass “window of the day” and, as if opening a book, tells the story that window was created to tell."