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Revised Paris Itinerary for Family of 6 with 4 teens/tweens Early June

I've change some things based on your earlier feedback. Older Kids still insisting on Versailles. The 11 yo old and I still might not go. I don't want to give up any time in Paris!
Also based on these plans any recommendations for Metro tix?

Day 1, Thursday: 11:30 Arrive Gare de Nord, Metro to apartment, drop luggage
Picnic in Luxemburg Gardens, this is near our apt.
We want to do Eiffel Tower & River Cruise at night with the lights but sunset isn't until 9:45pm!
Recommendation for timing of each of these?
Eiffel Tower timed entry to top (not available to purchase yet)
Evening river cruise.
Recommendation for Dinner?

Day 2, Friday: Versailles? Should we allow the entire day for Versailles? I would prefer a guided tour for the family. any recommendations?

Day 3: Saturday: Flea Market?
Musee D'orsey & L'orangerie

Day 4, Sunday: American Church at 11:00
Lunch between church & Louvre recommendation?
Louvre Timed entry at 2:00 pm

Day 5, Monday: Montemartre/Sacre Coeur and Notre Dame/St Chappelle
We can walk to Notre Dame from our apartment.
Wouldn't mind wandering around the Marais.

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If your older children insist on doing Versailles (I assume they want to go inside the chateau), you and your 11-year-old might want to just walk around the gardens, which are enchanting (and free), and wind up getting some Angelina chocolate, then meeting up with the older kids as they finish the chateau tour. We find the interior of the chateau to be too crowded, so we just stick to the gardens. Peter

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From the Paris metro website children under 10 are half-price so yours would pay full fare it looks like. There is a packet of 10 tickets which is cheaper than buying 10 individual tickets, and you can divide them among the group. It's for close-in zones and doesn't cover Versailles.

If the weather is nice Versailles can easily eat up an entire day because the gardens are so lovely and you can explore the Hamlet and the Trianons. There's a Kings Apartment Tour offered on non-holidays that lets you skip the ticket-buying line, so set that up in advance for the morning. Or sleep late and do the gardens first, The Tiranons open at noon, see those if interested, then tour the palace at maybe 3 pm although it will still be crowded. Eat dinner before you train back into Paris as you will be exhausted.

I don't have any lunch recommendations, we just bought baguette sandwiches and ate on a bench.

I wanted pictures of the Eiffel Tower at sunset so I scheduled my visit for earlier in the day but that's just me. You'll probably want to do your boat trip on a different night.

Sounds like a great trip!

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Two things I always tell Paris visitors (I've only been a few times) but having made the trip with 8yr old and 11 yr old - here are our two favorite things:

1) Deyrolle taxidermy shop - sounds weird but it's fascinating and will make a wonderful impression on the kids. It's gardening stuff on the ground floor and animals/birds/insects are on the next floor up.

2) If a simple steak and fries satisfies your family, head to Le relais de l'Entrecôte. There are 3-4 locations in Paris, I've only been to the one in the 6th arrond. They serve ONLY ribsteak and fries (and a green sauce), salad optional at start, lots of desserts and house wine is just fine.

The rest of your itinerary looks wonderful. If you only do half of it, it's still a great trip!