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Revenir a Paris - Olivier Scellier

Can anyone provide a reference for the property management company Revenir a Paris ( ) or Olivier Scellier? They have a property listed on Airbnb and on the website for rent, but I would like to have some references or reviews before renting from this company. Thanks in advance!

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Hi. Funnily enough I was just checking my booking when I saw this. Yes I’ve used this company twice before and have my 3rd apartment booked for 15th July. So far the apartments have been great. We always book a one bedroom not a studio and am super careful looking at the photos … they can be deceiving ( other companies experience). Olivier is very quick to reply to queries. You usually pay a deposit then pay cash on the day. Someone meets you at or near the apartment- you have a walk through etc.
so far so good

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I’m trying not to be suspicious, but both the question and the answer are from 1st time posters.

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Nothing suspicious here! Just needed a genuine response with some feedback. Hoping to do all of the due diligence I can to make my trip as smooth as possible!

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The 1-post questioner may not be suspicious but a 1-post responder, especially this one, is certainly suspicious. I’d take it with a large grain of salt.

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Just curious… How does one come across this post on this forum on this website when checking their booking with a rental agency?

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How? By googling the name of the company to find the link to log in to check your reservation. The alternative would be to scroll through your phone messages to find the confirmation email. So possible, but still an interesting coincidence.