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Returning to Favorites (Dordogne,FR & Piedmont, IT): Best route to connect them?

Planning a trip in the fall to Dordogne, France and Piedmont area in northern Italy. What is the best way to get to Dordogne area? We have driven the area between Paris and there so a flight to a more direct place would work better. Then after a week or more in that area we would drive to the Piedmont in Italy, with a few stops along the way. We would like to stay there a week or more. Perhaps returning the rental car and flying out of Geneva? This would begin the second week in September and end about the same time in October, which is hopefully not too cold in that part of Italy. Any suggestions would be most helpful as always from this site.

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Consider flying into Bordeaux and picking up your rental car for travel in Dordogne. We did that last fall and it worked out great.

I'd start by looking at Rome2Rio and trying various options for getting to Italy depending where you want to end up. I'd look at leaving the rental car in Toulouse (or somewhere else in France) and then train or fly to your destination in Italy. Picking up a car in France and dropping off in Switzerland or Italy could be expensive.

Also consider Marseille as a place the make transportation connections.

Just some ideas to check out...

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I agree with Sharon about Bordeaux. If you can fly there from US you'd save time and you're not stopping in Paris this trip anyway. Or, if you have to fly into Paris, a budget flight or TGV to Bordeaux. You'll need a car in Dordogne, drive up the valley and base yourselves in or near Sarlat, or maybe Perigeux. I think mid-September would be great there. Can't help you re Italy but Sharon seems to have good ideas. You could fly from Bordeaux if Toulouse is a bridge too far.

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For access to the Dordogne, Bordeaux and Toulouse are roughly equivalent, and both have airports.

Toulouse probably closer to the Lot, if you are tempted to stop enroute (which you should be).

I'd check 'em both out.

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By the time you do that, you'll have driven the rental car in 3 countries. How much is the drop-off fee for a car rented in France and returned in Switzerland? Be sure to check that out before finalizing your plans.

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Reverse routing may be a better option. Fly to Milan, Torino or Genoa p/u car for Piedimonte region. Fly or train out of Genoa to Nice or Marseille. P/U car rental there and see Dordogne. Return vehicle at a main train station on your route out of Dordogne poss Lyon and train it to Geneva.