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Returning Europcar to CDG, how is it done?

I could search the forum for the rest of my there doesn't seem to be a search engine...or I could ask. I return my Europcar rental to CDG next Sunday, about 6 days from now. Searching Google maps they show three locations to return Europcars. Or maybe it is three Europcar offices.

Anyone have some help out there?

wayne inFR

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Simply follow the signs to rental car return. I've returned cara ro CDG a couple of times with no problems and that was before Google Maps.

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Search engine is above in the grey box, but it's not as smart as Google. For instance, results depend on people spelling things the same way in their original post. Results not sorted by date.

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I rented a car for the first time 2 years ago driving from central Paris to Normandy to CDG. I was also nervous about the rental car return and had to do it late at night past midnight. It's actually very easy/straightforward going back to CDG. As several others have noted, it's simply "follow the signs".

A few things I learned... it's almost imperative to have a GPS device especially if you're not familiar with the roads. I brought one from home loaded with Europe maps which helped me navigate. One mistake I made was not filling the tank earlier before I got close to CDG. Please note the self serve pumps at most gas stations only take credit cards that are "chipped". Most US issued credit cards have not been converted. You could ask for one.. the chance of getting one depends on the credit card company.

I ended up paying an arm/leg for gas because I couldn't find a gas station open late enough with cashier who could take my non chipped credit card. I had to return the car with empty tank.

Hope this helps!

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We did this last October. There are several locations at CDG; we returned to the one closest to the terminal we were flying out of, 2D [EasyJet to Edinburgh]. We had a Garmin and it navigated us there very easily. I honestly can't remember if the signage was helpful; I relied totally on the GPS.

The other drop-offs seem to be at 2f and 1. Do you know which terminal your flight leaves from?

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We are arriving and returning the car at CDG and then spending the night in a hotel at the airport before our flight the next day. So any terminal will work.
wayne iNFR