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Restaurants in and around St. Remy?

Planning a trip for July 2022 that was scheduled for May 2020.

Hoping it all happens this time!

Plan lots of day trips from our home base in St. Remy, and would love dinner spots near "home."


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i can suggest this: avoid Da Peppe, an Italian restaurant in the center of town. We took a friend visiting us from the U.S. there when we were staying in Saint Rémy a couple of years ago. The group of us decided we wanted Italian food and the place looked okay.
It was terrible. I ordered something called lasagne della Nonna, assuming it was, well, lasagne.

And it was. Kind of.

Picture a piece of lasagne placed in a gratin dish. Then pour about 300 mL of heavy cream over the lasagne, and put it back in the oven for a while.

It was disgusting. I took one bite and slid the monstrosity across the table to get it away from me. Around 20€ wasted on a disgusting dish.

Won't be going back there.

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I can highly recommend La Cuisine des Anges. We ate at several other restaurants and this was the only one we can recommend. St. Remy struck us as verging on "quite touristy" with many of the restaurants aimed squarely at that market.