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Renting a car in Bayeux and picking up on a Sunday

Anyone ever have trouble with this? Looks like the car rental office in Bayeux closes at noon for 2 hours and then at 5 on Sunday…..trying to work our train schedule from Paris to Bayeux around this…….thanks so much! We are planning on training to Bayeux from Paris on a Sunday and then picking up our rental car then…..

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Many rent from the auto rental agencies right across the street from the Caen railroad station. There were three at one time but that may have changed. Check with AutoEurope. It is one that prominent. It's a short drive from there to Bayeau, maybe 15 miles or so.

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Yes, this is a difficulty at many car rental offices (and other businesses in France, the French love their lunch breaks). Best to arrange for a train arrival not near those times. Keep in mind also that the Hertz Rental office (really just a gas station) and the train station are not near each other. It is a 7-minute drive, so you would need a taxi or Über. You could potentially walk, but it is a busy road with several rotaries (roundabouts) to go through. I have had the station manager drive me to the train in the past after dropping off a car, but I don't think you can count on that.

Even better, rent a car in Caen and drive to Bayeux (maybe a half-hour?). But when I just looked, the Hertz station there isn't open on Sundays. Perhaps some other company's offices are, IDK. I know I've dropped off in Caen after hours, but picking up is harder.

If you are staying in Bayeux, maybe you could spend your Sunday walking around town and pick up your car the next day?

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Hi from Wisconsin,

Bayeux is maybe the best preserved city in Normandy. It was captured so quickly that it was leveled by tank battles.
It is still a 'small' place with a fantastic market. But car rentals. I wold take the train from Paris to Caen. Cross the street and pick up my car...of course the car is down the street. The Europecar rental office is across the street. Bayeux, if you take the back roads is a nice drive with the many, many cemeteries along the way. About 1400 soldiers per small cemetery.

On the other hand. You could get to Caen and tour it for what ever is left of your day. The two religious structures dedicated to William the Conqueror and his wife are located in town. Caen unfortunately was damaged quite severely 79 years ago.
Six weeks for tank battles in and near Caen. Look at the areal photos, ouch! You have my permission to skip the castle.

Bayeux has its cathedral, the tapestry and take your time looking at it. The audio moves you along at their desired pace, not yours. and its Saturday market. A smaller market operates on Wednesday.