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Rental car places Honfleur? Bayeux?

Having the most difficult time finding places for rental car pick up and drop off.

We will fly into CDG, but do not want to drive after the flight. Would like to take the train to Honfleur, but can't find a rental car place. Next choice is going to Bayeux, but can't find a place there either. We will be staying in either or both of those places.

Using Auto Europe, Europcar, and google.

Would like to drop off in Colmar, nothing seems to exist. 2nd choice would be Strasbourg. From there we are taking the train to Paris for the rest of the trip.

Any info will be greatly appreciated!

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Folks have mentioned a rental car outpost in Bayeux, but I don't know the name of the company. Bayeux is a very short train ride from Caen, which definitely has more car-rental options. Honfleur is quite small; I don't know that you'll be able to rent there.

One thing you may be running up against are your dates of pick up and drop off. I have never rented a car in Europe, but others have commented here that most of the local (non-airport) offices close early on Saturday and do not open at all on Sunday. If you specify weekend pick up/drop off, the website you are using probably will not reveal the existence of the agencies that will be closed.

You might give AutoEurope a phone call.

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When you say you aren't finding any, I'm wondering about your days/times--trying to rent or return on a Sunday, perhaps? or pick it up during the lunch break (12-1:30 or 2)? But there are probably some companies that don't allow a drop-off in a different location.

When I Google Colmar rental cars, there are lots of options--Enterprise, Avis, etc. Near Honfleur, Deauville seems to have a lot--but I do see a couple in Honfleur. You could also go to Rouen.

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Honfleur doesn’t have train service.
Bayeux has one car rental at a gas station outside the center of town.
Caen has more options. Try

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There are no car rental agencies in Honfleur, and there are no trains that go to Honfleur--you have to take a bus, and you'd have to go into Paris first to catch one.

There are no direct trains from CDG to Bayeux. You have to go into Paris and catch a train at Gare St. Lazare. There is one rental agency in Bayeux that works for you, but it is a Hertz franchise run out of a gas station at the edge of town. The selection might not be the best.

Have you considered taking the train to Caen and renting a car there instead? There are five agencies right next to the train station. The drive from Caen to Bayeux is reasonable and takes about 30 minutes.

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Caen is the choice and the rental agencies are right next to the train station. A short drive to Bayeux if that is where you are staying. When I did this, I drove from CDG which I get is not everyone's cup of tea but once you leave the ring road around Paris, it is an easy drive to Normandy. That said, look at Caen for the first leg..haven't done your return but Strasbourg should work.

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I agree with car rental in Caen if you are heading to Bayeux.

Just to add that closer to Honfleur, Rouen is a good choice for picking up cars as well -- many trains from Paris, car rental right in/next to the train station, about an hour's drive to Honfleur (plus the ability to stop at the Abbaye de Jumièges should that interest you).

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Wow, thanks everyone! This is my first trip to France so I am starting early with my planning. This helps greatly.

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Note that car rental agencies in Caen close for a fairly long lunch hour and are closed Sundays. So be sure you time your pick up well. And definitely plan to pick up in Caen where you have many options.

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Also check that the agency allows return to another site -- we wanted to start in Rouen and drop off at CDG. but the Rouen place required the car be returned to them. Picked up at Caen, no problem with CDG return (Enterprise)

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One other point to mention. It would be a really good idea for each driver listed on the rental form to have an International Driver's Permit for driving in France. These are used in conjunction with your home license and are valid for one year. You can easily obtain an IDP at any AAA / CAA office for a small fee. According to the Embassy of France in the U.S., either that or a certified letter of the terms of your D.L. in French is compulsory.

As I recall, the staff at the car rental agency in Bayeux don't speak much / any English so unless you have some basic French skills, that might not work too well. Their website would tend to confirm that - . I've rented from there but all the arrangements were set up by the owner of the hotel I was staying at. It was a bit of a "leap of faith" but it all worked out. As the others have suggested, renting in Caen would probably be a better plan.