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Renewed State of Emergency

I read today that Hollande is planning to ask to have the state of emergency that was declared after the last terrorist attack renewed after it expires next month. The article only mentioned the house search and detention parts of it, but as I recall there was some type of additional screening at airports, in addition to passport control for flights from outside the Schengen zone. Has anyone had any experience in this regard, particularly those who have flown to France from another Schengen country? I will be flying into Paris CDG via Iceland in late March, and I'm wondering what I can expect if the state of emergency is extended.

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Use the general rule of travel - hope for the best, plan for the worst. If you're on an American passport, you may get special attention. Or not. No way to know, it's probably as "organized" as the TSA.

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I flew thru there a couple weeks ago and the lines were long and chaotic (not really managed for people on short connections). But nothing extraordinary going on. So if it's going to be the same process in March, just hope you don't hit CDG on a peak and elbow your way up the queue.

I believe the Schengen suspensions/adjustments are having greater impacts on ground crossings rather than airports. The situation is, however, very fluid.

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"lines were long and chaotic" My experience is that lines are always long and chaotic in CDG - terrorist attack or not. I am avoiding CDG like devil cross.