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Reims at night

We are planning to go to Alsace area during late Oct and will be driving through Reims. Due to our schedule, after landing and driving out from Paris, we will not arrive at Reims probably around 6pm. Are there still activities besides dining at this period of time? I don't believe the light show is still on in Oct but maybe the cathedrals are still open?

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For a Night out in REIMS, attend a concert at LE "K-REIMS" KABARET CHAMPAGNE MUSIC-HALL. It runs until December.

For your evening dining in REIMS, try the Brasserie for a delicious evening meal.

Au Bon Manger in the lovely area of Place du Forum is a cool little Delicatessen which serves food and excellent champagnes in an intimate setting. Probably best to book by phone or Facebook message.

The nearby Le Bar which is run by a wine/champagne/whisky shop - Lee Vintage is a good place for a drink and perhaps light nibbles.

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I spent a couple of days in Reims in December and it was BEAUTIFUL at night! We just walked around the centre-ville in the evening and had dinner, and there was plenty of activity going on even after dark.

I just gotta add this: one of the most disappointing meals I had in France was in Reims, and I guess that was our own fault. I had been in France several months by this point, and wanted something a little different than what you find in the typical bistros or brasseries. So when we spotted a so-called "Mexican" restaurant (which is kind of rare in France) we thought that sounded like a nice change and something familiar from home.

Well it was not ANYTHING like Mexican restaurants in the southern U.S. where we have actual Mexicans living here. If you think of "French meets Mexican," it was about as bad as you can imagine. LOL So if you're strolling through the centre-ville in Reims, and see a "Mexican" restaurant, keep on strolling! ;)

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Thanks guys for the advice on where to dine. Great to know that we should not be having "MEXICAN" food in France.

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Not sure what day of the week but beware that Sunday evenings you might run into slim pickins' for dinner.

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There is a nice, open air, mostly pedestrian, mall that starts across the street from the downtown train station. It's lined with cafe/restaurants and fountains. If the weather is nice, I'd recommend looking there for food and entertainment. There are also hotels in that stretch.

I'm not sure the hours for the cathedral? As I recall I showed up early, before it was open - but that may have been because of mass. I went to Mumm's Champagne house. I've been told all the tours are similar. Mumm's was recommended as the best wine producer in Reims. There are also some Roman ruins in the center, that can be visited any time.

Cathedral, Champagne House and Roman ruins was my to-do list for my short visit.