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Recommended time to visit Paris from the beginning of October to the end of march

Circumstances dictate that we visit Paris between October 2017 and March 2018. We need to be home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. So, given these constraints, what time is recommended?

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Of those times October is the best bet. We have spent at least 4 Octobers in Paris in Recent years and the weather was pretty good each time. The cultural events are underway, the weather is crisp but rarely icky or really very cold. Definitely best bet given our options.

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While I don't think there's actually a bad time to visit during those months, I agree that October has the most congenial weather. There will be longer daylight hours, and the temps, while perhaps cool, won't be cold. Bring an umbrella, though, just in case.

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We traveled to Paris the third week of Oct. It was jacket weather and the museums etc. were not crowded. I think it was a perfect time to go.

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This is great news for us! My wife has a business trip to London mid-October and we are going to spend a little time in Paris at the end of the trip.

Kim, what is the fall foliage like in October? I'm thinking the city will be gorgeous this time of year. Luckily a little chill and rain has never slowed us down. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't mind taking an iconic photo of rain wet streets at dusk, just as long as it's not the night we have our 2CV tour booked!

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Thank you all for your input. I was especially glad to hear that late October was an okay time.

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I see you mentioned the 2CV tour. If it is raining, call them! We were able to reschedule our tour due to rain. They are very accommodating. Loved the tour. My husband is tall so he ended up in the front seat next to the driver. The back seat is very small. Our driver was a student and very knowledgeable about Paris history. We loved our tour! Enjoy!

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I was there at the start of last October and will be there again at the start of this October. The air is crisp enough to need a jacket most of the time and you may get some rain but generally it's decent weather and there are reasonable daylight hours. It's better in October than it will be through March.