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Recommendations for Le Marais

5 days in Paris, home base in Le Marais, specifically about a block east of Square du Temple Elie-Wiesel

1) Huge coffee (specifically espresso) nerd. Have one of the best coffee shops anywhere near my office in Chicago, so have really painted myself into a corner. I think Starbucks is foul. Where should I check out?

2) Wife is into fashion, any interesting boutique recommendations?

3) Any food/drink recommendations. "Molecular Gastronomy" is lost on me. Always just feel like I'm paying a massive surcharge for theater and pretentiousness. Would love to find a few things, whether it be a brasserie or a bakery or a cocktail bar or great restaurant that the locals love, rather than a place a publication recommends because they cater to tourists.

4) Also wine nerd. First two days of trip will be in Reims with champagne tour. Any thoughts in Paris on great spots for wine (tasting, doing the ship home from Champagne so not looking to buy in bulk in Paris), small tasting spots, etc?

Thanks in advance for reading/considering my long post.

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I'll address item 1) : check out la Cafeotheque, it's not super close to you but still near the Marais, right along the Seine. Great coffee place with many different preparation techniques and varieties.

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You're just a half km from Jacques Genin, so that's a relief. Trendy boutiques all over the Marais.

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On the weekends a big part of the Marais is closed to vehicles and becomes a huge pedestrian mall, lots of locals as well as tourists.

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Coffee Spots
Le Peloton Cafe
Yellow Tucan
Cafe Pinson

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the Marais is also a great area for boutique fashions, your wife should enjoy shopping there.
The Grand Magasins (Bon Marche, Galleries Lafayette, Printemps) and BHV are also great if you want to go a bit more upscale.

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For high-end fashion, your wife really needs to visit Avenue Montaigne in the 8th and Rue Saint Honore in the 1st. Most of the big designer shops (Channel, Prada, etc.) are on these two streets. They maybe way out of your budget, but it is a memorable experience to stroll along and window shop.

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From the little I've seen, the small boutiques in the Marais are the best.

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Check out these Paris foodie blogs:

David Leibovitz
Chocolate & Zucchini

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In 2009 we ate here twice. I see on TripAdvisor that the place is still going strong and highly recommended. I remember the owners were so very friendly and they opened early (6:30pm) I think.
the food was delicious. I fondly remember the rack of lamb on mashed potatoes...sigh. They also offer a 3 course fixed price menu. I hope you try it.

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We have had 2 wonderful meals at l’Ange 20 at 44 rue des Tournelles close to Place des Voges. Check out their menu on line which is very affordable, and everything is delicious. Do make a reservation as the place is quite small but very friendly.

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I hear good things about Back in Black cafe for coffee - less than a 5 minute walk east of Place des Vosges.

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Not in Le Marais, but we plan on going to Canards et Champagne when we are in Paris. Duck and Champagne...pretty much the only things on the menu!

I am commenting so I can follow this post as well. We are looking for fun places, and your tastes sound similar to ours. We are starting our trip with 2 days in Reims as well.