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Recommendations for 2022 trip to France - where's the one place to spend a week?

Hello fellow travelers,

Looking for recommendations on where to go on a long-anticipated but Covid-interrupted trip for myself, husband and one other couple. Most of us have done lots of sightseeing across France (three of us became close friends on a study abroad trip there a long, long time ago) so our vision for this trip is to spend a night or two in Paris then rent a villa or apartment in a quieter, scenic spot where we can enjoy the culture and ourselves, take day trips, drink wine, etc., as opposed to cramming in a lot of sightseeing.

We just don't know where to go!

Where would you recommend? And any tips on how to rent a villa or apartment, as opposed to staying in a hotel, would be deeply appreciated.

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Victoria...what a great decision to make. There are so many options.
For us, the answer is Paris. There are so many things to do and see there and so many day trip options from there. Transportation is easy. Access to the different areas is convenient as long as you locate accommodations near a subway access. We have stayed in Airbnb's as we've had great luck with them. That would be my recommendation.
Having said that, would you prefer to stay in wine country or visit the Med? I could easily spend a week in Marseille or in the countryside near Reims or......
First decide what you would like to do in that week, then where.

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We really enjoyed staying in the Dordogne region for a week. Never ran out of things to see and do. Loved canoeing down the river. We stayed in Beynac at a great bed and breakfast but there are many rental options for that region. If you prefer staying in town then Sarlat is a good choice.

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The correct answer is Burgundy. The area around Beaune has exactly what you're looking for.

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Time of year?

If high summer I'd tend to prefer Normandy, Brittany or the Pyrenees. But the Dordogne has a lot of variety to offer. I'm not clear on whether it's important that you be in a wine region or you'd be satisfied just to drink the stuff; my responses assume the latter.

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I went to Chambery, Annecy and Chamonix in September on the way to Italy and I would happily go back and spend a week in any of the 3!

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What about Provence or the riviera? If no then go to the Dordogne.

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La Rochelle usually has better weather than the Dordogne if you are travelling shoulder season. It has the best food market I have ever visited, a world class aquarium, walking tours (probably not in the winter) and boat trips to the islands or round the old sea forts.

Visit Rochefort to see the tall ship Hermione and the charming Fouras has a small museum and another fort.

I hope to be heading there next June again!

I use Trip Advisor Rentals, and VRBO as my starting point for rentals. Airbnb is usually more expensive for the same property.

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If it is a warm weather trip then the Dordogne hands down IMHO. We have also spent a week in Burgundy, Brittany, and on the Riviera and all of those were great too -- but the Dordogne is our favorite spring through fall. For winter trips -- big cities; for warmish weather trips, towns in the countryside. (with car)

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Thanks everyone for the wonderful suggestions. We are looking at late May/early June if that impacts recommendations.

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That would be a nice time of year for Brittany. And it is early for the Dordogne rush so you might not spend all your time in a traffic jam.