Recommendation for guide in Normandy

We will be traveling to Normandy middle end of September and I am looking for a good guide for 2 days in Normandy. We will have our own transportation. Would love a name and contact information of someone you enjoyed.

Posted by Patty
Steilacoom, WA, USA
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Dale Booth -

We did several tours back in the day when he was with another company. He is fabulous; personable, beyond a wealth of info.and engages all ages.


Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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You could also contact Paul Woodage at D-Day Historian if Dale is busy. Paul is also extremely knowledgeable and an outstanding guide, and is often used by History Channel and others that are filming documentaries about the D-Day events. Dale is also exceptional (I've toured with both of them and recommend both equally). Whichever Guide you decide on, I'd highly recommend booking SOON!

Posted by Laura
Rick Steves' Europe
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Rick's France book recommends several, or you can enter "Normandy guide" in the grey serach box above and will get quite a few recent recommendations on this Travel Forum.

Posted by Leslie
Fargo, North Dako, United States
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Hi Don,

We have used both Overlord Tours and Dale Booth. While Overlord is good, Dale Booth is much better. He will take you in his vehicle or go with you in your vehicle, which saves a little price wise. We chose to have him use his vehicle as our rental was much smaller than we thought it would be and there were 4 of us, not including Dale. He is very knowledgeable and fun.


Posted by Holly
Durham, NC, USA
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I enjoyed my tour with Overlord Tours back in Fall 2012. Our guide, Olivier, was a local who knew a lot about the area and the history. We were in a van with 4 others, making 6 in our group. Highly recommend!

Posted by Buffy
Yakima, WA
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We just did with Rohl. Excellent, full of information and has additional pictures that he showed as we went along. We did the full day, one day tour but he does have a two day one as well.