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Receiving SMS (text) messages from a French company (Ouigo) on a U.S. cell phone in France

We're buying train tickets on Ouigo for a trip in November, and they offer the option of sending us texts when our tickets are available, and in the event of any disruption in coverage. I've tried entering my cell number several different ways and it keeps telling me the information field is invalid and the number is invalid. There is one field for perhaps 3-4 digits, a "0", then a larger field where I put my area code and number. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?


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I remember having that problem ... maybe that's why I bought my tickets on Trainline.

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I would agree, probably nothing you are doing wrong, they just do not offer the option of texts for international numbers, or at least non-EU numbers. If you will have data while there, the App will take care of all of that.

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Besides being a charged option that I don't think you can use with an american number, it's unnecessary since you get the same info from their app.

Your tickets will be available in app and otherwise 4 days before departure. 4 days is the rule. You can also check train status, etc.