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Rain in Burgundy: Booked Wine Tastings?

Hello all! Thanks in advance for helping out with my question!

We are looking forward to visiting Burgundy (base: Beaune) next week, unfortunately the weather looks like it will rain on the day we've pre-booked two wine tastings. The issue is, we were planning to reach them via bike from Beaune.

I wanted to ask this forum to see your thoughts - are there any options other than weathering the rain on our bikes, or should we even cancel our reservations on the day we confirm it is rainy (I feel like it would be bad taste to be canceling last minute?). We could also try to move our reservations to the following day.

thanks all!

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A 5-7 day weather forcast is an educated guess. Things can change.

Are you renting bikes for the ride from Beaune or are do you have your own bikes. My experience renting bikes for a German bike tour is the rental bikes were appropriate for the local conditions and were equiped with fenders and generator powered head and tail lights. While I don't use ponchos for walking tours, a bike rain cape works well in light drizzle while rain pants and jacket are better with wind driven rain.

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Thanks for the link Edgar! Our day is May 31st, I am indeed hoping that heavy rain forecast shifts!

We are renting bikes for the ride from Beaune, so your information regarding their appropriateness is heartening. I will make a note for rain gear should we push forward with the worst!

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I live a bit southwest of Beaune -- my wife and I were at their market last Saturday.

It's been a rainy May, similar to last year but a bit warmer. I looked at the forecast on Météo France, and next week has a few days of 50 to 60 percent chance of rain.

What that means is that there may be a few storms rolling through where you may see heavy rain for a brief period (as short as 30 minutes and as long as an afternoon), followed by cloudy to clear skies. In other words, it's difficult to predict, but chances are you can take refuge somewhere while the storm passes over and then continue on your way with decent weather. That's been the pattern lately and I doubt it will suddenly change next week.

I wouldn't worry too much about it, other than anticipating the need to be flexible.

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Thanks for the insight, Bob! Didn't realize rain tends to be spotty vs full day affairs - we'll be sure to make ourselves flexible. Thank you.