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Will finish a RS Paris 7 day trip May 14th and need to get to Charters for the 15th to start another RS South of France trip. Can anyone tell me about how to get from Paris to Charters the best way

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TER train from Gare Montparnasse to Chartres , 1 : 15 hr

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steven is correct.. but do not sweat it.. after your first RS tour you will feel a lot more confident and your tour guide will help you get on your way to next tour.. you;ll see.. it will be fine.

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As Pat mentioned, your tour guide will help everyone sort out post-tour transportation arrangements. In the same situation, I'd probably buy my rail tickets in the afternoon of the final day, before the farewell dinner. You could certainly buy tickets on the day of travel, but I usually try to avoid that when I'm hauling luggage.

The trip from Paris Montparnasse to Chartres is only about an hour via TER (Regional) train - very easy.

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Thank you for the replies. I was just wondering how long the train ride was. I agree with all that the RS tour guides will help. We have been very fortunate this will be our Ninth Tour with RS company.