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Rabies 21 day vaccination waiting period

I think I already know the answer to my question but desperation is making me ask. Unbeknownst to me my 2 dogs had not had there annual booster for rabies as my ex wife said she had done so but when checked it was missing. I had experienced some bad news in Spain meaning I had lost my job and accomodaatiom over night. When I realised my dogs jabs were not in order I had a new rabies jab done and was told I couldn't travel until 21 days has, passed and that tapeworm treatrwould be required just before travel.
My question is that is there absolutely any way I would be able to travel back to England before the 21 days or is it set in absolute stone!
The reason for the urgency is that I have very little funds and I am currently sleeping in my car with my 2 dogs until the 2nd September just outside Paris waiting to travel and they are not handling it very well.
Any helpful insight or advice or direct No's, indeed anything that may possibly end this would be a blessing
Sorry for the long drawn out explantion

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I thought the rabies shot must be given more than 30 days before travel. The limitation used to be just for puppies, maybe it still is where you are going. Good luck.

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You may not have heard it if you are in your car, but France is no longer an exempt country for UK reentry.

Once you return to the UK from near Paris you and the dogs will have to self-isolate for 14 days.

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Why am I suspicious that a first time poster is just telling us a tale. Living in his car but traveling back to England. Why would an European turn to a US based web site for advice? And is he not posting around 2200, 2300?

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No the dogs can’t travel within the 21 day period. The 14 day quarantine when you arrive in the U.K. means you can’t leave your house or garden, even to exercise your dogs.

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You wrote that you are staying in your car with two dogs and have very limited funding. So you do not have access to your bank through an ATM? Can family or a good friend deposit some money into your bank account where you live?

Obviously the only thing they would need is your full name on account and bank account number to deposit funds. If you are in dire straits, see what you can do for the next two and a half weeks if you are not allowed back into England right now.

Since you have access to the internet, why not try to contact your British embassy either on the net or by phone.

They would be the best to advise you since they have the most updated information for travel to and from.

The link below may help get you started: