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Quick eats near invalides

Hi all,

I wondering if any of you have first hand knowledge of quick eats near Invalides. We plan on seeing the Rodin Museum and Napoleons tomb (both open at 10:00 am) and then get some lunch. We need to be at the Invalides Train Station to catch a tour at 1:30. Thinking sandwiches, crepes, or a somewhere where can eat in around an hour. Found what I thought was the perfect sandwich shop, and they are closed on Saturdays :(.

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Da Rocco is a good, cheap Italian place with excellent sandwiches, + lasagna, pasta, etc. at the corner of rue de Grenelle and rue de Bourgogne. I used to work in the area and it was my go-to. It is open on Saturdays according to Google :)

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We had a nice small lunch at the cafe in the garden at Invalides when we visited in 2019.

CORRECTION: We ate at the cafe in the Rodin garden across the street from Invalides. The dome of a Invalides was so prominent from the Rodin sculpture garden that it almost felt like you were there.

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Pre-Pandemic, I seem to recall a cafe at the Invalides. Nothing special, but perfectly suitable for a light lunch, something to keep you going. I find cafes at museums to usually be a notch above what you encounter in the US, probably due to the different foods on offer.

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There is also a cafe in the Rodin Garden but I've only ever had ice cream from there, lol.

There is a boulangerie on Rue Cler which is a short distance away. It's at the corner of Rue Cler and Rue du Champ de Mar. They have ready made sandwiches, drinks and chips to take away. You might get one of those and head down the esplanade in front of Les Invalides. There are trees and benches on the west side. There is also a small park right across from the Metro station La Tour Maubourg which has benches.

I see there is a Franprix along Avenue de Tourville but I've never been in it. Most have a case of prepared sandwiches and you can also get chips and a drink to go.

Will you have a Museum Pass or will you need to stop and purchase tickets for Napoleon's Tomb and Rodin?

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Once again, Pam beat me to it. The boulangerie on Rue Cler was our "go to" place for a quick snack or light meal the last time we were in Paris. And the time before that, as I recall. In addition to a wide range of tasty sandwiches, they also have a variety of small quiches.

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I’ve eaten a few times at the café in the Rodin Museum garden and the setting is lovely. The last time I was there (2019), it was quick counter style service and we found our own table outside. I just did a check on the museum’s website and it looks as if they have changed the menu a bit since I was there. I didn’t see any sandwiches, but they do have savory tarts, pasta and salads.

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Rue Cler has many options indeed, but it is a solid 15 minute walk from the invalides train station and from the Rodin, so not sure it works here!

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Facing the entrance to Rodin’s house, there is a café on the corner to your right. It’s really good, with better choices than the cafeteria inside the Rodin garden.

Right across the street from the back of Invalides there is a very good café, on the corner, with a large outdoor terrace that faces the back of Invalides.

No need to walk to rue Cler and back.