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questions from my trip to france this july

hello everyone

I ll be staying in paris (from 1-7 july). I m going with my wife and 2 daughters (10 and 8). My Airbnb is 2 minute walk from Val d'Europe train station. I m gona be landing on CDG Airport on July 1 and I will depart from Orly airport on the 7th of July.and my next stop will be stockholm.

My questions are---

1-will this Navigo Decouverte 1 week pass be enough to cover all my transportation expenses during my trip (knowing that I want to go to Versailles, Disneyland Paris, orly airport ,and central paris). The problem is that I heard that Navigo pass validity starts on Monday morning and ends the following Sunday. So if this is the case, what shall I do for (1-2 july duration??!).-i heard navigo easy will not help me since i will be using the RER to go to central paris and i m basically living in zone 5-so ,,.shall i use the 2 daily mobilis day pass for my 1st 2 days?or is there a better idea?

2-i heard that there would be some strikes that would interrupt train schedules. Is that true? If yes , how can I verify that my trip will not be affected by that.
3-i ll leave from orly airport on 7 july, = what is the cheapest way to go there,,(flight departure time is 1630), what time shall I leave from my Airbnb?

4- i want to buy a pre paid phone sim card so that i could make calls and use the internet in france and sweden. so shall i get this from the Tourist Information at Terminal 1 ? or shall i get this from Serris(maybe cheaper?!)? is there a specific carrier that i should go with?

or shall i use this

?i want this to work till my departure day from sweden(16 july).

thanks again for the great help!

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According to Rome2Rio, if you take public transportation which is the cheapest mode of transportation from the Val d’Europe station you need to get on the RER A line that requires a transfer onto the RER B line at the Châtelet Les Halles station. From there you need to get off at Antony Boulogne-Billancourt where you need to catch a bus to Paris Orly Airport (ORY). Allow 1h 30m to get there and I recommend being at ORY two hours before your flight leaves.
If you take a taxi from where you're staying it will take an hour to bet there.

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from CDG - take a taxi. To advise further for the 2 days you'll be there without the ND pass covering, it's difficult to tell you without knowing your other plans. covers loads of this though.

heard that there would be some strikes that would interrupt train schedules. Is that true? If yes , how can I verify that my trip will not be affected by that. <----- No one knows yet

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You can get from Val d'Europe to Orly via mass transit. My suggestion is to take RER A from Val d'Europe to Chatelet-les-Halles and change there for the RER B to Antony station and then take the OrlyVal shuttle. It's probably not the cheapest way. You can use CityMapper to see all of the mass transit options and the prices.

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NOte that the passes don't cover the Orlyval -- it is stupid, but there it is. With a group this size you might cost out taxi on the taxi aps. The round trip from Disney to Paris is 10 Euro (two 5 Euro tickets). But if you are using the metro once in Paris the Visite might be cost effective and you kids can both get the kids version so definitely for them (the 10 year old is an adult for public transport except weekends and on the visite. If the leading two days are the weekend, then you can get day passes for the kids on Sat and Sun for ticket jeune i.e. youth weekend passes. This is probably the best bet for the kids, but check it out compared to the visite.

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thanks for the help

Paris Visite travel pass seems to be so -Expenisve!
i think that i may not use it
*small question ,

if i purchase the Paris Visite pass, am i going to be able to ride the TGV INOUI 9830 which goes from CDG to Disney?