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Questions about train from CDG to Grenoble

I’m looking for info on taking the train from CDG to Grenoble. It looks like it’s a TGV to Lyon and then we switch to local. We’ll be driving on from there, so don’t need more than 1 day train pass - is the pass worth it for convenience or anything, or should I just buy the tickets? Also, my husband has a bike in a case… do we need to reserve in advance or just buy a ticket when we show up at the station?

Thanks, Alison

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For the TGV, you will miss out on discounts if you buy day-of, but it is not unreasonable.

On the other hand, if you fly into Geneva or Lyon you will be closer to Grenoble, the trip will be shorter, no reservations are required, and you can just buy your ticket there.

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Hi Alison,

I am no expert, but I have read it's best to get tickets ahead of time for TGV. I think I'd buy a point to point ticket instead of a pass for sure.

I just booked our train ticket tonight. We are flying into CDG and taking a train to Nimes. I booked through the Rick Steves site which books through Rail Europe. I booked a few days after the tickets went on sale. Our train is 4 hours after we are scheduled to land, so I hope all goes well.

Have a wonderful trip.


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The main issue is that there will be a significant discount on the train ticket if you buy in advance, but the discount tickets are only valid for a specific train, and if your flight is delayed and you miss it you will have to buy a new full-price ticket.

Another alternative possibility is to add a flight from CDG to Lyon and go to Grenoble from there - Flixbus and Ouibus both operate direct bus services from Lyon airport to Grenoble, although Ouibus is more frequent.

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Thank you for the helpful info.... I checked and flying in and out of Lyon works well and for 27K fewer ff miles per ticket.... I have no idea why:)

My husband will have a large bicycle case, so he's glad we don't have to navigate as much with that... Looks like a rental car will be easiest from Lyon to Grenoble, and then I'm off to tour Provence on my own for a week while he does crazy bike rides! We'll both have fun!

I'll probably be back asking for some Luberon ideas when I start planning that part!