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Question re. Uber vs. Taxi vs. Private Car in Paris (CDG and ORLY)

I'm hoping for advice comparing Uber to Taxi to Private Car (which company?) or the following airport-related trips (two adults). I'd like to know approximate cost for each.

1. Arr Mon., Apr 16 at CDG at 9:20 a.m. and will be going to Les Jardins D'Eiffel 8 rue amelie paris 75007

2. Dep Wed. Apr 28 from ORLY on EasyJet to FCO ~ how to get from Les Jardins D'Eiffel to ORLY.


(I hope it is OK that I'm posting pretty much this same question on the Italy Travel Forum.)

Posted by janettravels44
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We use g7 taxis and it is 55 from CDG to the left bank (50 to the right) The taxi price from Orly is 30 to the left bank and 35 to the right. If you order it ahead for the return trip (really must do) then there is a 7 E reservation fee; be on the street 5 minutes before the time ordered. They are very reliable. I don't use Uber as the business model is to impoverish workers and I want a car I ride to the airport to be fully insured for liability in case of an accident that hurts me.

Posted by chexbres
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Uber cannot pick up passengers at the airport unless you have already paid for their services, and they do not have access to the short-term parking lot, so you will have to find them.
They are slow, not having access to the dedicated bus lines.

All you have to do is follow the overhead signs that say TAXI, and get in line.
30 EU to the Right Bank, 35 EU to the Left Bank from Ory
50 EU to the Right Bank, 55 EU to the Left Bank from CDG
The flat fees have been in effect for about a year now - no luggage fees apply.

Posted by mreynolds
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With the set rate in place ; even if Uber is allowed to go to the airports in Paris (I have no idea if they are or not) I don't think there would be much if any cost advantage of using that service for this trip.
The set rates are a really good deal for the consumer in my experience.

True for Rome as well! Though in Rome the annoying business of illegal taxis at the arrival area and low cost of private drivers (many only charging 10 euro over the set rate) would have me use a private driver in Rome and a taxi in Paris for the trips to the airports you describe. (I noticed you posted a similar question on your Rome portion)

Posted by brushtim
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g7 even has an App that you can download for setting up & paying for, , they also have English speaking operators. The taxi's are easy to get to from either airport. Do not accept any "taxi" rides from individuals that approach you. Just follow the signs to their station.
Enjoy your trip.

Posted by JHK
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For the trip to Orly, you can arrange a taxi by calling Taxi G7. If you call for immediate pickup, there is an additional charge of 4€. If you pre-arrange the taxi, the charge is 7€. The fare is 30€ before the you add in the dispatch fee. I would just ask the hotel front desk to call for a taxi and specify a taxi or say G7. Some hotels and I am not saying Jardins d'Eiffel does this, will automatically call a car service, which could cost more unless you specify that you want a taxi.

Posted by chexbres
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The hotel might expect a kickback and charge you more than you intended to pay G7Taxis.
You can book online yourself, however:

Posted by frandonovan124
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I was in Paris in October and used Uber continually for 3 days and nights. The app works exactly the same as in the US. The cars were modern, clean and the drivers were confident and knew their way around Paris very nicely. Be sure to brush up on your French language skills as Parisiennes speak French, of course!! . Also be sure to enter your destination into the app. We spoke some French and were able to show our drivers our destination map on our app. Some times their app did not provide the exact same street number, etc.

Be friendly and courteous as you would in the US and you will do just fine.
My friends live in Paris and their 3 girls use Uber all the time and are so grateful for this service