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Purchasing Toiletries in France

Hello all,

I'm leaving for a three month study abroad excursion in Lille in a couple of weeks. I'm aware that basic toiletries like shampoo, toothpaste, and shaving cream are generally cheaper in the states than in Europe. Although I am bringing small quantities with me, I am wondering if there is a Walmart, Walgreens, etc like store in France.

Pharmacies I have found are usually expensive. 8 Euros for lip balm in Italy.
Do supermarkets have these items? Corner stores?

I am trying to get a feel for where I need to go as soon as I get the keys to my apartment.

Thanks for all your help!
- Reed

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We always take the minimum when heading for France because it is fun to pick up such things once there and you often find things not easily available at home. Monoprix will have many of the brands you are used to but also things that are new to you. I have bought lavender flavored toothpaste in FLorence and herbal flavored toothpastes in Paris, and basil scented shampoo in Paris and lots of wonderful soaps. Savings a dollar on shampoo and lugging it is not nearly as much fun as stocking up on some new things when you get there.

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Monoprix or out of town Auchun or Carrefour hypermarché.

There's an Auchun in Villeneuve-d'Ascq which is easy to get to by bus.

A Carrefour in Englos and many smaller Carrefours. A big one in Marcq-en-Baroeul just off a stop on the Tram.