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Provence in May--too cold to swim??

We will be in Provence in mid-May. I have been looking at places in Vaison de Romaine and Grasse. Many have pools. None of them indicate whether they are heated or not. Will it be warm enough to use a pool there in May? Are pools usually heated or not?
Thanks for your help, Cynthia

Posted by Nigel
Northamptonshire, England
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Most pools are not heated. I expect that if you hop in, you may hop out fairly quickly.

Then again, you may get a heated one. Best way to find out would be to ask the host....

Posted by chexbres
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If the pool is heated, it will say so in the advertisement.
You may have to uncover the pool, and heat it before you get in, though - in my opinion, this will take too long.

Posted by JC
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I had a heated pool in Provence, not that this helps you much! If you're renting a place you'll be sure to know whether it is or not as it will be prominently advertised.

Posted by Darren
Boulder, CO, USA
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We've been to Provence many times with our kids, usually in late May or early June and they have been swimming every on every trip except '13, which was ridiculously cold in Europe.
This includes swimming pools in St. Remy and the river at Pont du Gard, which clearly isn't heated. Depends on the year (even the day!) but if it's an average year then you're probably good to go.

Posted by echowington OP
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Thanks to everyone for the information--sounds like I will pack a bathing suit in case the weather cooperates.