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Professional photographers in Paris and pricing?

The wife and I are looking for a photographer to take some memorable pictures for us while we are in Paris. I've found some links and contacted a few people but wanted to see if anyone here could recommend a good but reasonably priced photographer (Our budget puts us in 300 euro range for 2 locations (Lourve and Eiffel Tower) with a change of clothes). Thanks!

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A couple of details here?
If you're expecting outdoor pix (I don't think you're thinking of having these taken UP in the Eiffel?) where do you think you'll find a place to change?

And what if it's raining the day you've booked this photographer?

Just guessing based on my association with pro shooters in the U.S. but you're looking at a 1/2 day rate + possibly extra for two locations. I'd say to be prepared to pay above that 300 euro cost + more for retouching or other special requests.

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Like Kathy, I'm not sure that you'll find exactly what you want for that price point, but rain or no rain, it's a great idea. Take a look at Dagmara Bojenko's website; she has some lovely portraits. And...I'm sure you have an idea of backdrops, but can I just say that there are so many great locations in Paris--many of which are quieter spots with fewer people--so give some thought to mixing it up! :)
Have a great time & enjoy!

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Hi -

I follow this photographer on Instagram

I enjoy seeing her photos. Her prices are higher than your budget, but she does offer a mini session for 325 but it's only one location and for an hour.

Good luck! Let us know if you find someone!

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If you want these photos taken inside the Louvre you will need a commercial photo permit from the museum.

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Update: I was able to find someone that fit my criteria, and I will report back when we get back from vacation about the experience (300 euro for 1.5 hr/ 2 locations).

Everyplace we considered are all outdoors in public spaces, so no special permitting needed. The photographer said that rain cancellations will give a full refund. Supposedly we can change in public restrooms or certain cafes if its on the way to the 2nd location.