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Pro's and Con's - Right Bank lodging in Paris

Looking for help/ideas on pro's/con's of staying on Right Bank with family of four in April. Ideally, I'd have liked to stay on Left Bank in 5th, 6th or 7th Arrondissement but have had difficult finding apartments we liked so now looking at 1st and 2nd Arrondissement. Not big opera fans but will surely visit the Louvre when in Paris....what else would you recommend for Right Bank?

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Look theres nothing wrong with right bank.. I have stayed in at least 12 or 13 different hotels in Paris and one hotel in the 1st I have stayed in twice because i liked so much. It was literally 1/2 block from the Seine and Pont Neuf.. so a five minute scenic stroll took me to left bank anyways. I have relatives and friends who live in 8th and 9th and I have stayed with them also ( free is a very good rate, lol ) Paris is pretty compact really and theres something to appreciate in most areas!

BTW many visitors LOVE the 4th( Marais) and its a great old area.. I like it very much.. and thats right bank so don't get too hung up on right bank left bank.. ps.. I would not stay in 7th if I had other choices ,, its a bit boring to me and not that central.. certainly no more central or hip then staying in the 4th or 1st anyways.

I would look for something closer to river then farther if you wish to be able to wander over that way..

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this is how i see things. If youre allergic to public transportation, then stay where you need to. However, their bus and subway is so nice, limiting to a particular arrondissement is not necessary.

happy trails.

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Public transportation is great in Paris. I still like to stay centrally, as I don't want to spend all my time on the metro. With 4 people the price for public transportation can add up fast. That isn't as much of a factor for those that travel solo. There is nothing wrong with the right bank. I've always stayed on the Left Bank and am considering the Right Bank for my trip this year, just to explore a different neighborhood.

I don't know what websites you are using for your apartment search, but I use and This year I am also searching on airbnb for my trip. Is your family of four parents and two children? If so, how old are the kids? I may be able to give a suggestion with more information.

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I agree with Pat and Andrea. Nothing wrong with the Right Bank at all. Closer to the river the better, as Pat said.

I highly recommend a visit to the Nissim de Camondo museum next to Parc Monceau. It's actually a house, once owned by a wealthy family. It's wonderful if you like stuff like that. There's also the Jacquemart-Andre House... but I like the Nissim de Camondo better. There's also rue Montorgueil... a pedestrian only street that I really enjoyed. A guided tour of the Opera Garnier... so fun. I don't recommend eating anywhere on the Champs-Elysee if you're on a budget... except for Laduree. The food is great and it's a fun, elegant experience. I went there for lunch and the price was reasonable.. had a club sandwich.. it was the best one I've ever had. And be sure to get some of their macarrons! Less expensive if you buy them at the counter rather than with lunch.

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It doesn't matter whether you stay Left Bank or Right Bank. You're still so central, and Paris is so small, that you can get anywhere you want to go. You don't have to change your itinerary depending on where you're staying.