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Portable wi-fi?

Does anyone have experience renting a portable wi-fi in France? (They are commonly available in Japan, and when we visited there we found them invaluable in navigating and getting information.)

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I bought a cable and a mini wifi router for a trip to Rennes, France when I was staying in an aparthotel that did not have Wi-Fi in the rooms. I had to plug in to their ethernet jack to use it. Here is a link to what I purchased in 2013. It was compact and easy to use in my room. I am sure there are more recent models, but this one worked fine for me and was affordable and tiny.

I thought it was a good investment - maybe it would help you?


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Thanks, Laurie. I think we will have wi-fi in our rooms--it's when we're out walking around that a portable wi-fi would be great. Also helpful when we're driving to use the cell phone gps.

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You can rent a WiFi hotspot at Travel Wifi, which they say includes support for up to 10 devices with unlimited Internet access. 4G for all of Paris and other major cities and 3G for the rest of France.

We are going to France later this year and plan to use this hot-spot rental service. The price varies depending on how many days but it will probably be about 8 Euros per day.