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Please vote!!! Atlantic Coast or Provence


We have a week unplanned so far and can't decide!!! Other areas we are already seeing are Paris, Sancerre and Varen areas.

Details welcome! This will be mid-July and a family with teens and tweens.

Thank you all in advance!

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Provence for sure. U will love it.
Great for families , lotsa villages and fun walks. Every village is different but close enuf from one another u could do at least 2 a day. Beautiful Isle sur la sorgue has a great antique market to stroll, it was Sunday .
It will be busy so get there early. Have lunch at some do a picnic at other spots like Pont du Gard. Have cappu and pastries here and there. Go to a farmers market or two, a TI will have the local schedule as they move from day to day.
Arles is a gd base and great place to visit as well.

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Atlantic coast onto San Sebastian in Spain. Better beaches, fewer crowds.

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I answered you on your other post - Dordogne and The Lot.

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Where on the Atlantic coast? La Rochelle, Brest, etc etc. Since I don't care that much for Provence, given your choice, I vote Atlantic coast.

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Take the kids to the beach. They might be tired of seeing cities, countryside, etc - and might want to see all the "eye candy" and possibly make friends.

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If my dream was to lay in the sun on the beach, probably Provence in July is a the better choice. If you want rugged coasts, WWII/Norman history, interesting tides, go to the Atlantic. Inland Provence might be too hot, while the Atlantic coast will be nice with a sea breeze.

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If it was a different time of year, I'd probably say Provence. But given the crowds and heat there in Summer, I'd say Atlantic Coast.