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Please kindly help with best route to Palace of Versailles from Ecole Militaire on 5/14

We will be going to palace of Versaillles on May 14th. We plan to leave by 9:00 a.m from our closest station Ecole Militiare.(11:00 am tickets)
Google maps shows multiple options taking the C RER from Invalides or La Motte stations.

But the RATP app that I installed on my phone says C is suspended(I used the same date 5/14 and time 9:00).
I cannot be flexible with the dates. I am thinking I should trust the RATP app and not google. I so badly like the options google is giving because of the RER C .
I felt it was so easy taking the C RER, RATP shows so many other options and I am very confused with their itinerary.

RATP shows the following route.
Ecole miltiare 8 to Lamotte 10, 13 Duroc, N gare Montparnasse.
So I have to walk 15 min from 13 Duroc to N train? Do I get out of Duroc metro and walk to N train?
And from N train I have to walk 15 min to Versailles Rive gauche?

Do I need to buy a Zone 4 ticket or will my standard Navigo easy pass work for this route?
Please please help, I am so disappointed i have to take such a round about route now.

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Oh is that so.? It was in French and I did not understand. Thanks for the translation.
IDF Mobilites app does not say C suspended.
Checked your link too.
Thank you so much. I am a little relieved.

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On that note if I have to take 8 metro to from Ecole to Invalides and then take C RER, should I just use my T+ ticket to Invalides and then buy a new zone 4 to Rive Gauche .
Or should I buy Zone 4 directly from Ecole to Rive Gauche?

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That does look a little complicated with transfers and still a lot of walking.

How many are in your party? Google Maps estimates a Bolt is approximately €30 and 60 minutes. Split 4 ways, a Bolt ride is not much more expensive than taking the metro and bus and certainly more convenient.

I often strike up conversations with other tourists when hear them speak English. And I will sometimes ask if they want to share a ride to next attraction to save costs. Tourists are like lemmings going from one attraction to the next. It is not that difficult to find somebody else wanting to go to the same attraction as you. "Is anybody else going to the Palace of Versailles and want to split a ride?"

If you can't find anybody to share a Bolt, the metro/bus is still available as your fallback option.

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If you are close to Ecole Militaire, you might be able to just walk to the Pont de l'Alma RER C stop.
If not, buy TWO tickets to Versailles Chateau Rive Gauche at Ecole Militaire. The tickets include a metro transfer, and they work both ways (hence the rec to buy two).

If somehow the RER C is down on your day, take bus 92 to Gare Montparnasse for the N train. In that case, you need separate tickets for bus and for train.

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To answer the OP's question, don't waste a t+ ticket because buying a ticket to Versailles Rive Gauche will include the Metro to Invalides and the RER C to Versailles.

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Sam, thank you, exactly the answer I was looking for.
Balso, thank you for giving me the alternate route. That helps a lot.
funpig, thanks for the ride share idea, never occurred to me. great idea .!

Thank you all.

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Man in Seat 61 has a section on his options to get to Versaille