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Performers at Paris Metro?

One observation made during my recent trip was there were much fewer performers seen at Paris Metro this time. I remember seeing a lot more of them (and enjoyed watching/listening to them) years ago.

Have things changed much for the Metro performers in terms of licenses, etc? Perhaps it's spring time so there are fewer of them wanting to stay underground?

I thought the performers contributed to the unique Paris metro culture. I always had a few good video clips of them and got none this time... because they were nowhere to be found on the metro. What's going on?

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There are 300 'legal' buskers authorized to play in the Paris Metro at any given time. Musicians must audition and licenses are coveted. Many of these musicians play with concert hall abilities and I, too, have long enjoyed coming upon them. The only explanation for their paucity is perhaps you mostly used small stations.

The numerous 'illegal' buskers can often be heard onboard metro trains and the quality of their music varies.

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I hope they're not disappearing! I keep some Euros in a handy location when I'm in the Metro- glad to contribute to the musicians playing in stations. Last one i heard was at Concorde - a wonderful violinist who I tracked down when I heard her from a distance.

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I, too, hope they have not disappeared. We have not only enjoyed listening to many, but have quite a collection of great CD 's we have purchased from some of them.