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Pass sanitaire

I've been reading all the posts on obtaining the pass sanitaire. Does anyone know where to "officially" go to begin the process and submit documents?

I'm planning for the worst but hoping for the best so in case we can't get a pass sanitaire, does anyone know whether there is a pharmacy at CDG airport to get a COVID test? We will only have 6 days in France so we really don't want to waste time trying to get tested.

Also, did anyone try to check into a hotel and get denied because they only had their CDC card but not a pass sanitaire. I'm just worried about the timing of getting the pass prior to arriving in Paris and checking into a hotel. Don't want to be hotel-less because we don't have the pass.

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This is the website for the pass:

You don't need the pass to check into a hotel.

If you are just staying in Paris, you should be okay even if you don't get it. Just make sure you have your CDC cards.

I arrived in France yesterday. I have the pass. Yesterday, while on the train, I got notice of getting a second pass on a file I deleted a week ago. It makes no sense.

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Thank you for this information. We just bought our tickets today and will be going to Paris, and possibly Annecey and Chamonix. We aren’t skiers so does anyone think Chamonix might be wasted on us? We will be in France for 9 days so we could go anywhere. Just don’t want to traverse the country and would rather focus on one region.

Also, how long did it take you to get the pass? And how many attempts before you finally obtained it?

Finally does anyone know whether you can find snow clothes to rent in Chamonix? We won’t ski but may do some walking or hikes and possibly ice climbing (for beginners).