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Paris with family of 9... HELP Please!

Hi Everyone.. I'm hoping you all can clarify some of my concerns. I am traveling to Paris from Pisa in July with a party of 9 (6 adults, 1 teenager, 2 children). We land at ORLY around 10:30 pm Friday night. My initial thought was to get an airbnb in 3rd/9th/10th. But then i thought to do a hotel right near the airport to avoid late night check in fees and climbing apartment buildings late at night with all our luggage. Then the next day before we head out and start exploring we can transfer to an airbnb/home rental in one of the above sections. Those who have been to Paris with family.. do you recommend this? I also don't know the best plan of attack to cover the most ground in our 3 days (Saturday, Sunday, Monday). I do plan to go to DisneyLand for one day. Our flight to venice is Tuesday afternoon.. Looking for tips/suggestions/advice! Thanks in advance.

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If i were staying at an apartment, I would spend the night at Orly but that is a big if because I would not stay in an apartment even with a group of nine for a 3-day trip. One problem that you may have with the apartment is that it might not be available for you to check in and drop off your luggage until the afternoon. See for some ideas of what to do with the luggage if that turns out to be an issue. For four nights, I would get three rooms in a hotel and head there on the night that I arrive so I can get an early start on my first full day. You are in Paris for basically three full days only so I would not want to waste part of day 1 getting checked in to my accommodations.

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Thank you for your reply.

I am considering to do Hotel. What section do you suggest with 9 people? I'm having a difficult time coming up with the itinerary for my days.. an advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Am I understanding you correctly?

You are flying from Pisa to Paris and back to Venice.

If so, why not go from Pisa to Venice to Paris and save wasted travel time backtracking.

I know I may be off topic, but perhaps re-organizing the itinerary will help getting into Paris at a more check in friendly time and will open up the selection of suitable accommodations . Having to check in to 2 places in Paris for such a short stay really eats up valuable time

I suspect 2 adults and one child per room is likely to be the easiest way to find rooms.

Good luck

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Joe - Ideally that would happen. But unfortunately, this is how our booking is. Originally we were doing a cruise out of Rome and were going to end our last 3 days in Paris. So tickets were booked in December to fly into Rome and fly out of Venice back to JFK. That is no longer the case (as we are not doing the cruise!). We are doing a week in Italy and then going to Paris for a few days and coming back to Venice for the last 3 days so we can fly out from there.

I know the itinerary could have been made different but airline tickets were booked way in advance before the cruise was cancelled.

I appreciate all of you giving me comments about my itinerary.. but I would really appreciate comments about what I am asking. Itinerary is done and decided. Tickets are booked from Pisa to Paris and Paris to Venice. Tickets are booked for NYC to Rome and Venice to NYC. Let's please move aside from that and visit what i'm really looking for.

Thank you all in advance. I appreciate everything. I am probably leaning towards hotel as opposed to airbnb and keeping that as home base for the 3 days.

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I would not waste a night at the airport. We've stayed at the Hotel Latin Excelsior and they have several big suites...big enough for 5 people. Of course they have the normal smaller rooms, too. That's where I would go.

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I agree with the suggestion of the Hotel Excelsior Latin. Staying in any of the single digit arrondissements, subject to issues with any specific neighborhood would be fine. Given that you have only 3 days, I am leaning towards the Latin Quarter near Saint Michel or Le Marais near Hotel de Ville if you want to walk to most places. If you want to take mass transit, the areas near Opera, Bastille Metro station and parts of Montparnasse have very good metro connections.

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Most rental apartments will not rent for less than 5 nights, and you could risk a last-minute cancellation in favor of someone who will rent longer than you will.
It would be very rare indeed for you to find room for 9 people in one apartment. And even more rare to find several apartments in the same building.

Citadines and Adagio are legal apart'hotels which might suit your needs. There are kitchens and many different sleeping arrangements. You should plan to get at least 3 rooms. There are several locations around Paris with different price points.
There is a Citadines right at Metro Chatelet-Les Halles, which would be convenient to get to Disneyland by train. There are also other Citadines at Gare de Lyon and Metro Nation.

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Book a hotel in Paris. Probably 3 rooms. Look into booking a van to get everyone from airport to hotel and back.

I would stay around Marais or even Rue Cler. Getting around with 9 people will be expensive and slow so best be near sights.

Go to Disney on Monday - although they have more staff and more lines going on a weekend. Buy tickets ahead either on line or at FNAC - Champs Élysées store is convenient for walk from Arc de Triomphe to Pont d'Alexandre. Not taxing and part of the experience. Get a 2 day Museum Pass (Saturday and Sunday). You have no time for lines. I'd consider a Batobus for two days (Saturday and Sunday) to get around and nice views. Eiffel Tower is a must. Playgrounds and carousels in Champs the Mars will be nice for kids.

Consider being together some time and splitting up other times. Not everyone can do everything. And will have different energy levels.