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Paris where to stay Trocadero-Marais

We will be in Paris for one week in May. We are considering splitting our time and staying in two locations to get a feel for different neighborhoods. We are thinking Marais and Trocadero. They seem uniquely different. What are your thoughts? Can you suggest other locations? Or should we just stay in one place and travel out from there? So many options!

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I would suggest staying in one place, and the Trocadero area would be a great location. You're on a hill just across the river from the Eiffel Tower, and the view at sunset of the tower and their strobe lights is breathtaking. You also have a Metro station right there to get you anywhere in the city fast and efficient.

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Trocadero would not be even close to my top destinations in Paris. It's also not in the center of things. Look at the Latin Quarter close to Pantheon and Luxembourg Gardens for a great location.

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Neither of these would be my choice for a week but the Marais if pressed I guess if you are a first time traveler. It is touristy but charming and central. Trocadero is none of those. Being central near the river is a priority IMHO for a first visit to Paris.

You don't 'get a feel' for a neighborhood in this length of time and moving just means the messy logistics of checking in and out and sometimes wasting much of a day in the process for no real gain. I'd find a well situated hotel or apartment and focus on what you want to do while you are there. Paris can barely be touched in a week, don't waste some of that time on pointless logistics.

We often rent an apartment for a month sometimes more. Then you really do get to 'know' a neighborhood. You develop favorite bakeries for the morning bread run and learn which ones are open Saturday or Sunday. You get to know the local butcher and take his advice. You have 'your' local greengrocer who always picks out a perfect melon for you. The people at the cafe on the corner get to know you and squeeze you in even when the place is full. None of this is possible in a 3 or 4 days stay; you can have the illusion of it in a week --

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I agree with those that say 'don't split', for one week it's really not worth the effort. For two weeks it might be nice to do a week in each of two different neighborhoods, but not for one.

I enjoyed staying in the Marais because I was right on the edge of it and close to the river and between two convenient metro stops so anything I couldn't walk to (which wasn't that much except the ET) was easily accessible by metro. I've never stayed in the Trocadero neighborhood but spent some time exploring that area, not sure I'd pick that as a place to stay for a week, not central enough for me and, as stated by the other poster, it seemed pretty quiet at night, not much going on other than right around the ET.

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I wouldn't split my time. It's fantastic to have the luxury to spread and relax in a single place for a week.

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Thanks for your comments. We will be staying in one place for the week. Happy travels to all.

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I agree that for one week, it's not worth splitting your time. And here's one more reason - staying in one place for a week, you may be able to get a discount. You can also benefit from an apartment. For a short stay, the hassles can outweigh the advantages; for a one week stay, an apartment becomes more compelling.