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Paris weather in August

Hi there,

I will be in Paris this year in early August. I've looked at a number of accommodations and I'm really leaning towards an apartment rental. However, most of the apartments I've looked at don't have air conditioning. Should this be a deciding factor? Does it generally (I realize weather is unpredictable) get uncomfortably hot in Paris at night in August? Should I only be considering hotels with air conditioning?


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Highs maybe in the mid-80s, but it can get about ten degrees higher. Maybe as low as seventy at night (it's going to depend on how much concrete and other thermal mass is around). Lots of humidity and not much breeze (depending on orientation and blocking buildings).

What you need is going to depend on what you're used to.

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Ah jumper.. I have been to Paris many times in August..

And what can I tell you.. totally unpredictable..

Yes, it is usually hot. And problem is there are rarely any breezes ( I live on coast where there is air movement) .. and worse yet.. I find street noise precludes me leaving windows open all night( and forget screens on windows.. never seen them )

BUT .. a few years ago took a friend in August.. Told her to pack sundresses, capris, light cottons etc..
We were cold and wet for 7 out of 9 day visit.. lol.. we had to go buy some more long sleeved shirts etc..

So its a crap shoot.

I never book a hotel or apartment in summer without a/c though.. because when its hot in Paris its nasty hot.. and you are outside all day long.. and most/many public buildings are not a/ced.. so you have no heat relief.. the streets and all the buildings ..all that pavement reflects the heat at night.. it can be gross.

If you decide on an apartment without ac be careful to avoid any top floor apartments(ovens) make sure there are plenty of windows on opposite walls for hopefully some cross breezes,, avoid ground floors ( so you can leave windows open) .. check out sun exposure .. afternoon sun bad..

Parisbestlodge has some apartments with ac. I am using them again this summer.

PS if you are from a place that is regularily very hot and you manage without a/c then you may do better then I .. hot to me is over 80-85.. and not cooling down to 75 at least at night..

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Our last 6 visits included most, or all, of August and it was very hot every time (85-103). Last trip we stayed in 2 different apts w/o a/c... the first one was the top floor (our 7th) and it was actually cooler than the second apt which was on our 2nd floor... cooler because we were up high and the air (not a breeze, just air) circulated better and came in the large windows. The 2nd apt on the 2nd floor had no air circulation and because it was closer to the street it was much, much noisier since we had to sleep with the windows open.
So, yes, I would definitely recommend getting an apt or hotel with a/c. Realize though that European a/c is not as efficient or as cold as ours is in North America.

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Thanks everyone for the great advice. Looks like we'll be booking a place with AC for sure!