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Paris to Mont Saint Michel to Bayeux in one day

We are planning to go from Paris to Bayeux for two nights. We have a D-Day tour planned for day two. Would it be possible to train from Paris to Mont Saint Michel, spend several hours there and then train to Bayeux that evening? Any suggestions?

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I don't recall an efficient way for taking trains to Mt. St. Michel.
Another option is to take the morning shuttle to there from Hotel Churchill in Bayeux which brings you back mid-afternoon.
I think it is 65 euros each. You can find it via Google.

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Possible? Probably. But recommended? Not in my opinion. You'll spend most of your day getting from here to there, rather than enjoying what you came to see. First, you have to get from Paris to MSM. There is no train per se near Mont Saint-Michel. The nearest train is Rennes I believe. So you have to get up early, get to Gare Montparnasse, train to Rennes (2 hours), Bus to MSM (I don't know how long). Then, when you're done, back to Rennes, and a 3-hour train to Bayeux. ANd there is always the issue of how much time between when you get to stations, and when the next train is. And you'll def only be in MSM during the height of the tourist crush. I don't know Maybe that's your idea of a vacation. To me it sounds like a day-long, hellish rush hour. Just so you know, even though MSM is technically in Normandy, it is about as far from Bayeux as you can get while staying in the region. But this is just my opinion of course. Maybe you'd do fine with most of the day on trains and buses. People travel differently.

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You could take the TGV to Rennes, and then there is a bus to MSM.

But you'd only be there for the most crowded part of the day. Meanwhile, there is ONE bus from MSM to Bayeux. It leaves at 3:30 for the train in Dol de Bretagne. The trip takes 3 hours.

Love makes us do foolish things, but I think that is downright painful. A slightly better plan would involve a car and an overnight at MSM. It gets really nie there after the tour buses leave around 5.

A really better plan would be to do that and add a night to the trip so you still have 2 nights in Bayeux.

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You guys are awesome. I appreciate the total honesty. We have spent the better part of the day trying to figure this out and I think we will save Mont Saint Michael for another trip. Thank you!

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I could see a train to Rennes, renting a car, driving to MSM, visiting, then driving to Bayeaux for the evening. If you also wanted a half day D-day tour, I'd say no way. The whole thing by train is just not practical.