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Paris to Annecy, Chamomix and Côte d'Azur

I'm doing a 10 day trip after spending a week in Paris. This will be in mid June. I'm interested in visiting Annecy, Chamonix and the French Riviera. I read a lot of recommendations for visiting the Provence, but I'm not sure if I have time to stop there.
This is the plan I have in mind:

Day 1 (afternoon): Paris to Annecy.

Day 2: Annecy.

Day 3: Annecy to Chamonix.

Day 4 (Sunday): Mont blank.

Day 5: Chamonix to French Riviera. Stay in a base and do day trips.

Day 6: Nice.

Day 7: Cannes.

Day 8: Cours Saleya, Villefranche Sur-Mer

Day 9: St Paul de Vence, Antibes

Day 10: Eze, maybe Monaco?

Day 11 (6 am): flight from Nice airport.

Is that doable? Or it's too much in a short time?

What transportation method would you recommend? The train from Chamonix to Nice is quite a pain. Should I fly from Geneva instead? Or should I hire a car from Paris and drive all the way instead? It is about Eur 500. Not sure how much I'll end up paying for gas, tolls and parking. Any city I should add or remove?


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I just joined the forum and I'm not sure if my post is posted on the right location where experts can give some input. Thanks!

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Hey welcome to the forum
Your trip is doable all those cities Cote d'azur are easy train rides.
I did Monte Carlo and Eze same day iast summer.
Not sure you know this to save time you can take a bus to Geneva fly from Geneva to Nice otherwise it is 10 hour train ride with 3 changes.

Oh yeah you experience traveler know that plans depend on energy and will so it is possible you will decide not to go to all the cities you want to; that is alright

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It's doable, but I think you're moving mighty fast.

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To clarify, from Day 5 to departure, you are staying in the same place (Nice?) for 6 nights and taking day trips? That is an excellent idea. I would not move every night. OTOH, you might steal a night from the Riviera and add it to Chamonix. On Day 4 your plans to explore Mont Blanc might be compromised by weather. I like to add an extra day in places with an iconic outdoor sight just in case of bad weather, although we spent 3 nights in Chamonix last spring and never did see the mountain!

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Thanks so much everyone for the tips and recommendations!

Yeah flying from Geneva to Nice is the cheapest and fastest way. The only thing that's making me hesitant about it is that I'll have a large piece of luggage to carry with me. Which bus company would you recommend for transportation from Chamonix to GVA?

The other option I'm thinking about is taking the train from Paris to Lyon or to Annecy, rent a car to use in the Alps area, then return it in Nice. Is a car useful in Annecy and Chamonix? Is it easy to drive around there?

Oh the weather in the mountain area in June seems to be quite cold. Does it get sunny and clear at all in mid June?

Yes I'm staying in one hotel/apartment and will take day trips. Which area would you recommend?