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Paris: The Louvre - Pro-Tips?

Hello Paris Afficionados,

We’ve got tickets to visit the Louvre tomorrow morning. I could’ve sworn that I had saved some helpful tips to review prior to our visit. Unfortunately I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to track down the information to no avail. So here I am (at the literal 11th hour) hoping some kind soul(s) might toss this novice traveler a few nuggets of advice.

As I understand it, it would take several weeks (months?) to take in every work of art - even if I merely dedicated a handful of seconds to each piece. Whoa! I’d appreciate your insights into how to best navigate this incredible museum, taking in the highlights within a 2-3 hour time span.

For what it’s worth, our tickets are for 10:30am. Is it true that we should arrive 30 minutes prior to the time indicated on our ticket?

Thanks again for sharing your helpful advice with me!



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I had the experience of going to the Louvre a little after 9:00 a.m. with an 11:00 a.m. reservation, showing the reservation to the man in charge, and getting waved right in. Don’t know whether it would always happen that way, but it’s worth a try. As for what to see, I recommend studying their website, choosing and locating 2 or 3 areas of interest, and going for it. Enjoy!

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Have you downloaded the Rick Steves Audio Europe app? Under France (Paris), there's a segment on the Louvre.

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If you come in through the Pyramid Entrance, when you get to the bottom of the escalators, head to the kiosk to the left to pick up a map of the Museum. Then take a minute to look up at the top of each of the 3 escalators and see each wing is named - Denon, Sully and Richelieu.

If you want to see Mona, head directly to the Denon wing and follow the signs for La Joconde. This also leads you by the fabulous statue The Winged Victory of Samothrace as well as some Botticelli’s.

If you want to see the Rembrandt’s and Vermeer's head for the Richelieu wing and take the escalators up to the top floor then work your way down perhaps seeing the apartments of Napoleon III.

If you want to see the small collection of Impressionists, that is on the top floor of the Sully wing. In the lowest level of Sully are the Medieval walls of the Louvre Palace. The Egyptian Antiquities and the Code of Hammurabi are in this wing too.

Here is a link to the Louvre website which has sone specific trails to follow as well.

Have a wonderful time!!

Hint: Don’t stop to pee at the bathrooms on the ground floor. They are usually crowded. You’ll have better luck if you hit one of the ones upstairs.

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Usually, you'll have a shorter security line if you enter through the Carrousel du Louvre shopping area.

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Hey y'all,

We returned home late Wednesday evening and are presently working on getting back into the groove of things here in Texas.

The Louvre was incredible. The Rick Steves audio guide was helpful, too.

Thanks for your helpful tips! Much appreciated.